The Origins of OT III, Sci-Fi during the Golden Era


"Unknown"  July 1939.

Unknown magazine, July, 1939, Slaves of Sleep, by L. Ron Hubbard.  If you want to find the origin of the upper level courses in Scientology, especially OT III and the Wall of Fire, you need look no further than the science fiction had fantasy stories that he wrote.  All of Xenu, (All Hail Xenu) was rooted in the rock-’em, sock-’em space operas that Hubbard wrote.  Later he tired of “writing for a penny a word,” and started a fake religion. 

He still wrote fiction, the only difference was that deluded underlings thought it was for real and piled mountains of cash on his head.

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  1. All Hail Xenu.

    Your time is coming Scientology.

    We will feast on your carcass, we drink the sacramental wine over your ashes.

    All Hail Xenu

  2. All Hail Xenu.!!!

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