Ex-Scientologist story #84, Dead Minds, empty bank accounts.

John McGhee is by now well versed in dead minds as few people are.  He works as an embalmer and is a former Scientologist.  He spoke his mind about this group that wants to control the world in  The Irish Times – Saturday, March 19, 2011.  Scientology, Inside and Out.

” By mid 2009 he had spent €10,500 and was researching Scientology every night in dismay. Recently he visited a friend who allegedly paid €50,000 for his bridge after just a day as a Scientologist, but there was nobody home. The neighbour said he’d packed up. McGhee looked up to the box room and saw the same Hubbard lectures that he had bought for €1,800 sitting on the shelf, and drew his own conclusion.

Although he spent four nights and a day at the mission every week, he couldn’t relate to the dedication required to spend money he didn’t have. McGhee claims he regularly lent cash to senior members for food and was once accompanied to an ATM to prove he didn’t have more. He says the people around him were running up debts, losing their temper and falling ill – the opposite of what he was promised. But he couldn’t get anyone to see it that way, he says, and eventually stopped questioning it.

“They honestly believe they’re on to a good thing and it’s more important than their children or mothers and fathers. They think they can clear the planet of ‘reactive minds’, but they can’t even do it in the mission. There are lads there 20 years without a penny to their name who glorify Scientology. And I think, What did it actually do for you?”

To read the rest of this story about the scoundrels of Scientology go here:


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Ex-Scientologist story #83, “You are too open minded to be a Scientologist”

Mandy Mullen at anti-$cientology rally.

MY TWISTED LIFE AS A SCIENTOLOGIST. . . and how I kicked the hundred pound parasite off my back, by Mandy Mullen.  This story was in the NY Post, Nov. 2009.  Picture above shows Mandy at a Manhattan picket.

Mandy Mullen is a young woman who joined Scientology after they said they could cure her spinal scoliosis.  But instead of getting better she was only getting poorer.  The methods used were typical Scientology hard sell and browbeating.  This is what she says about the tactics she observed:

“The International Association of Scientologists regularly came to town to throw lavish fundraisers for members of the church. The minimum fundraising quota was always $500,000 and they would reach it in under two hours. Staffers would charge through the congregation yelling at people to donate. “This is your planet and all you care about is your money!” they yelled. “You should be giving every last dollar! If you don’t give your money you’re a Suppressive Agent!”

At one rally I saw a grown man break down in tears. “I’ve donated so much money that I’m broke. I have nothing left. You took all my money,” he pleaded.  One of the church leaders glared at him and yelled, “I know you’re holding out and that makes you a Suppressive Force!”

She became disgusted with this low class money grubbing and talked the situation over with the “ethics officer” (whose job it is to make sure they get every cent of what you can beg, borrow or steal) this is how it went:

“A few months ago I met with an ethics officer of the Scientology police, and told him about my worries, including the man crying at the fundraiser. “I’m seeing a lot of things I don’t like here,” I said.

His response was that every church needed money to run. We kept arguing until he slammed his fist down and told me: “You’re too open-minded to be a Scientologist.”

To read the rest of this interesting story go here. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/my_twisted_life_as_scientologist_7jTgmDF1OjETgdR5G8b22H/1

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Ex-Scientologist story #82, stop your counter-intention!

Martha Greene was Clear and took courses at Stevens Creek, Mt View and Flag.  At first her experiences in Scientology were not that bad, but the longer her and her husband stayed in, the more demanding the cult was.

“We were being called all the time from IAS to donate more money (to help fight the enemies of Scientology). We went to the event when Golden Age of Tech came out and I remember looking at my husband and he had this face of ‘what is this crap?’ Even then we spoke to each other just a little about what we had witnessed and still continued being a part of the church. Having my son recruited at Flag. The recruiters didn’t care that he knew nothing of Scientology or that he wasn’t yet done with High School or how his father (who was not a Scientogist) might react. When his step-dad (who went to Flag with him) tried to explain all of this to the recruiters they didn’t care. All that mattered was their stat. They even pulled my son off course and wrote a KR on his step-dad. His step-dad had also writted a KR on the recruiters for pulling Mitch off course but the MAA didn’t care about that just about Kevin’s counter-intention. There were numerous times my husband and I would look at each other and say ‘Does that seem right to you’. “

Eventually this couple had a heart to heart and threw in the towel.  Of course the cult’s goon squad of lawyers tried to play hardball but these people stuck to their guns. ” We eventually received money we had on account at Stevens Creek, AOLA and Flag. We had to fight for it and retain a lawyer. They tried to get us to sign a release that we would never create, publish, post a story, book writing etc. and maintain silence with respect to our experiences with the Churches and any knowledge or info we have concerning the Churches or LRH. Well, needless to say we didn’t sign it.”

To read the rest of her story go here. http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?86

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Ex-Scientologist story #81, Bugs and spiders in the Sea Org.

Clear the planet, except for spiders!!

David Ray started in Scientology at the San Diego org. but was soon recruited into the Sea Org and shipped to Clearwater. As is often the case the representations made to him didn’t live up to the reality. In Scientology the management torments the Sea Org staff members who in turn revenge themselves on the public members by taking all their money.  The Sea Org is really the Sales Org. -they are relentless in their pursuit of cash.  Every week they start anew and wring the public members of every cent they can.  Of course they are still treated like shit.  But at least their stats are up.  This man’s story is longer than many but it is worth the time to read.  That this sort of thing could go on in this country is a national shame and disgrace.

This is how the Sea Org at Clearwater fared: “I wanted to leave and go down to the beach and get some sleep. I could not sleep in that room. There were bugs crawling all over the place; it smelled real bad.”

One night — I was told by the guys in the room it was a wolf spider — but one night I was laying there and I kept feeling these little bites on my body. I didn’t know what it was, these little sharp pain things. And so, I got up pretty early and decided to take a shower, walked in, looked down, and the whole side of my body was covered with blood. And so, I washed it off and looked, and there were a whole bunch of little bumps on my body. So, I walked back over to my bed real quick, flipped back the covers, and there was this huge, brown spider. And I smashed it, to say the least.

So, I went to the Medical Officer, and I started running a fever. And I — and there was no way I could work. I needed to lay down and get some sleep. So, I went in there, and he said, “What kind of overts and withholds do you have about spiders?” Sick. And I said, “Well, I just need to relax. Can I see a doctor?” And he said, “No, you can’t see a doctor.” And he says, “Anyway, can you afford it? How much money do you have?” I said, “Well, I have about five dollars.” He says, “Well, we don’t pay for your doctor’s expenses. That’s something you’re going to have to save for if you want to see a doctor.”

To read the rest of this story concerning the abuse of staff members go here: http://www.naderlibrary.com/cia.testimonyrondewolfclearwater7.htm

Here is more on life in the Sea Org. 

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