Ex-Scientologist story #81, Bugs and spiders in the Sea Org.

Clear the planet, except for spiders!!

David Ray started in Scientology at the San Diego org. but was soon recruited into the Sea Org and shipped to Clearwater. As is often the case the representations made to him didn’t live up to the reality. In Scientology the management torments the Sea Org staff members who in turn revenge themselves on the public members by taking all their money.  The Sea Org is really the Sales Org. -they are relentless in their pursuit of cash.  Every week they start anew and wring the public members of every cent they can.  Of course they are still treated like shit.  But at least their stats are up.  This man’s story is longer than many but it is worth the time to read.  That this sort of thing could go on in this country is a national shame and disgrace.

This is how the Sea Org at Clearwater fared: “I wanted to leave and go down to the beach and get some sleep. I could not sleep in that room. There were bugs crawling all over the place; it smelled real bad.”

One night — I was told by the guys in the room it was a wolf spider — but one night I was laying there and I kept feeling these little bites on my body. I didn’t know what it was, these little sharp pain things. And so, I got up pretty early and decided to take a shower, walked in, looked down, and the whole side of my body was covered with blood. And so, I washed it off and looked, and there were a whole bunch of little bumps on my body. So, I walked back over to my bed real quick, flipped back the covers, and there was this huge, brown spider. And I smashed it, to say the least.

So, I went to the Medical Officer, and I started running a fever. And I — and there was no way I could work. I needed to lay down and get some sleep. So, I went in there, and he said, “What kind of overts and withholds do you have about spiders?” Sick. And I said, “Well, I just need to relax. Can I see a doctor?” And he said, “No, you can’t see a doctor.” And he says, “Anyway, can you afford it? How much money do you have?” I said, “Well, I have about five dollars.” He says, “Well, we don’t pay for your doctor’s expenses. That’s something you’re going to have to save for if you want to see a doctor.”

To read the rest of this story concerning the abuse of staff members go here: http://www.naderlibrary.com/cia.testimonyrondewolfclearwater7.htm

Here is more on life in the Sea Org. 

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  1. Hiding their high crimes hey men ?

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