Ex-Scientologist story #83, “You are too open minded to be a Scientologist”

Mandy Mullen at anti-$cientology rally.

MY TWISTED LIFE AS A SCIENTOLOGIST. . . and how I kicked the hundred pound parasite off my back, by Mandy Mullen.  This story was in the NY Post, Nov. 2009.  Picture above shows Mandy at a Manhattan picket.

Mandy Mullen is a young woman who joined Scientology after they said they could cure her spinal scoliosis.  But instead of getting better she was only getting poorer.  The methods used were typical Scientology hard sell and browbeating.  This is what she says about the tactics she observed:

“The International Association of Scientologists regularly came to town to throw lavish fundraisers for members of the church. The minimum fundraising quota was always $500,000 and they would reach it in under two hours. Staffers would charge through the congregation yelling at people to donate. “This is your planet and all you care about is your money!” they yelled. “You should be giving every last dollar! If you don’t give your money you’re a Suppressive Agent!”

At one rally I saw a grown man break down in tears. “I’ve donated so much money that I’m broke. I have nothing left. You took all my money,” he pleaded.  One of the church leaders glared at him and yelled, “I know you’re holding out and that makes you a Suppressive Force!”

She became disgusted with this low class money grubbing and talked the situation over with the “ethics officer” (whose job it is to make sure they get every cent of what you can beg, borrow or steal) this is how it went:

“A few months ago I met with an ethics officer of the Scientology police, and told him about my worries, including the man crying at the fundraiser. “I’m seeing a lot of things I don’t like here,” I said.

His response was that every church needed money to run. We kept arguing until he slammed his fist down and told me: “You’re too open-minded to be a Scientologist.”

To read the rest of this interesting story go here. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/my_twisted_life_as_scientologist_7jTgmDF1OjETgdR5G8b22H/1

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