Ex-Scientologist story #85, Scientology: “no human decency.”

No! Noooo! Not in the salad, Noooo . . .

Carmel Farraj joined Scientology under the impression that it would “give me more energy, make me happier, end my phobias, give me a Utopia-like environment of friends with similar beliefs, improve my memory and ambition.”

She didn’t find any of those things.  Her view of Scientology after seeing it up close and personal: “Scientology is a (not very successful) attempt at a Fourth Reich. . .   just a bunch of pricks pretending that they are really living life. .  . at a gathering I saw higher-up-the-bridge members like a lot of OTs and that showed no personality, life drive, purpose, love, ambition; and they mentioned L. Ron Hubbard countless time when we were just supposed to be enjoying each others company.”

To read her full statement go here: http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?184

A veteren Scientoogist tells what this cult is all about. 



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