Ex-Scientologist story #88, Rice, Beans and Roaches.

Lori Taverna was in Scientology for 17 years, part of that on staff.  She was promised that if she took a two-week course in Clearwater she would make $700 a week delivering Scientology services wheh she returned.  She was eager to leave NYC when she saw the brochures about the Ft. Harrison, the Scientology hotel in Clearwater, FL.  As always, the promises of Scientology were worthless.  She says, There were ten beds in the room, four bunks on each side and, then, two bunks against another wall. The room was very small, I don’t know, twenty feet — a small room. There was no walking space. The fourth bunk was about this high from the ceiling so that — and that’s where I had climbed up to; there was no ladder.”

As for the “two weeks,” Lori said, Anyway, instead of two weeks, I ended up staying here three months in Clearwater. I had accumulated a couple of thousand dollars in debts at home because my business collapsed. I had someone running it for me, but it didn’t work out. My children had to go back to school in September. And I didn’t want to stay anymore because nothing was true of what was told to me.”

In this greedy cult the heat was always on for more money, “We had a graph of money in, and it would be — they would show us, and they would say daily, “Ron Hubbard is not happy with the statistics. The hours are down.” When the stats were down — they called them stats for statistics — when the stats were down at the Fort Harrison, the highest staff — they were put on rice and beans. They would have this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They were not allowed to eat any other food. When we went to the galley, we would have regular food, but the staff would have rice and beans. And this would stay until the stats went up again.”  It should be noted that during this period of time Scientology was taking in over two million a week from Clearwater alone.  But the staff sure as hell never saw any of it.

More from Lori about this Mecca of Scientology, “Specifically, as to the living quarters at the Fort Harrison — or how it was to be there as a student or as an auditor: I mentioned that it was very overcrowded, there’s ten bunks in a room. There were also many bugs in the room. There were roaches; there were ants on the sheets. There was — I don’t know what it is. It’s a very large bug that looked like a roach that would fly around the room regularly.

Speaking of the RPF, the internal prison system within Scientology, Lori states, But all I know is what I saw. I saw a few people who looked very sick. One woman had sores all over her body, open sores. I went into my friend. I asked her if I’m allowed to speak to her. She said, “You can speak to your friend, but in the RPF they’re not allowed to communicate to anyone outside the RPF.”

There is a lot more in this story concerning children in Scientology and the constant lies and abuse of this horrible cult.  If you want to know what the world would be like with these people in charge follow this link. http://www.naderlibrary.com/cia.testimonyrondewolfclearwater2.htm

Clearwater was not the only place that Scientology abuse took place.  

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Ex-Scientologist story #87, “I was swindled and lied to”

Lawrence Toomajan became a Scientologist when he was only 17.  He joined staff and was stationed in NY FDN, and Flag.  He was an active member for 10 years, 1976-1986 which of course were some interesting times for the cult.  This is the era of Snow White, the Scientology plot to remove or mitigate damaging material about L. Ron Hubbard from the FBI and other government offices so that he could live openly without fear of being arrested.  To make a long story short a bunch of Scientologists, including Mary Sue Hubbard, went to federal prison.  Similar events took place in Canada where Scientology got a good beating by the courts and the press.

This man’s story is long as he goes into detail about his employment and experiences with other Scientologists.  As usual in these stories the life of a staffer leaves something to be desired, ” The food served in the church was rationed, unhealthful and not in sufficient enough amounts to nourish anyone. I bought most of my meals outside the church locally with my own money, not with church pay.”

Eventually he found his way to the truth, “In October 2002, I stumbled upon some information on the internet by sheer luck. I found the transcripts of Scientology’s much guarded confidential upper auditing levels called OT Sections 1 to 8, and read them for the first time.

As a result of reading these OT levels, every question I ever had or might think of about Scientology, was answered, forever.

It became real to me for the first time ever, how confused I was about Scientology, and not even aware of it. This knowledge was denied to me for years by church staff. Instead of being given the facts, I was swindled and lied to, by staff, looking for a quick profit and to wreck people’s lives forever thereafter.”

To read the rest of this story go here: http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?44


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Ex-Scientologist story #86, “The Mind Benders,”

In 1971, Cyril Vosper published The Mind Benders, a highly critical account of Scientology. This was the first anti-Scientology book published by a former member.  The book contained a significant amount of inside information about Scientology including quotations from a number of Hubbard’s works.  Of course the lawsuits followed as well as the usual “fair game” tactics.  In the end Vosper was able to beat back the attacks of Scientology and expose the cult for what it really is.   He was high enough up to know Hubbard and many of the heretofore dirty little secrets.  His example of courage was an inspiration to others.  To read the Wkikpedia information on Voss go here.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyril_Vosper

For the “Secret Lives” video on YouTube go here:

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