Ex-Scientologist story #86, “The Mind Benders,”

In 1971, Cyril Vosper published The Mind Benders, a highly critical account of Scientology. This was the first anti-Scientology book published by a former member.  The book contained a significant amount of inside information about Scientology including quotations from a number of Hubbard’s works.  Of course the lawsuits followed as well as the usual “fair game” tactics.  In the end Vosper was able to beat back the attacks of Scientology and expose the cult for what it really is.   He was high enough up to know Hubbard and many of the heretofore dirty little secrets.  His example of courage was an inspiration to others.  To read the Wkikpedia information on Voss go here.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyril_Vosper

For the “Secret Lives” video on YouTube go here:

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