More Hubbard, corn and space operas.

"Startling Stories," Jan. 1950, "The Last Admiral" by L. Ron Hubbard, (as by Renee LaFayette).

I have read some very erudite explanations as to the possible origins of Hubbard’s OT III tale.  Since the big thetan is dead now we can only speculate as to where he got that peculiar tale from.  Perhaps a look over our shoulder to his history, science fiction stories, would tell us more.  As far as I am concerned Xenu (All Hail Xenu) is just part and parcel of the kind of stories written in the pulp era of the 1930-1960.

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Ex-Scientology Story Index, Alphabetical & By Number

True Stories about a False Religion.

Note: I have tried to avoid as far as possible the inclusion of independent Scientologists because I think that they are still infected with Scientology to some degree; in other words they are not yet free of Hubbard.  Yet some of their stories are worth hearing so I am including a few of them; over time as more and more come to understand just who and what L. Ron Hubbard really was and the nasty things that he stood for more and more stories will be included.

Alphabetical Listing & Ex-Scientologist Story Number. (under construction)


Aaron, Grace and Ken -224

Ablett, John  -225

Allard, Gene -180

Alexander, Morris “Mo”

Alexander, Peter, -129 –

Allen, Amy (Harrison) -246

Allen, Marcus and Alex -252

Almblad, Robert  -426

Ambry, Brian  -403

Andersen, Sally Kragh  -243

Anderson, Larry  –245

Anderson, liz, James, Jordan  -250

Anderson, Nanna Krogh  -347

Andersson, Patrik  -346

Andersson, Camilla  -446

Anheier, Cynthia  -348

Anhut, Albert  -404

Argue, Michael- 16

Armstrong, Gerry –221

Arntzen, Damian  -389

Asse, Daniel  -354
Atack, Jon -116

Ausley, John  -405

Ayad, Kelli  -343

Aylor, Jeffrey  -242
Aznaran, Vicki -114

Bailey, Ann  -209
Bajnoczi, Ildiko-98

Estelle Bains -427

Baker, Harriet -227
Baker, Kim- 22

Ballard, Eric  -349

Ballard, Vicky -352

Barclay, Jason  -421

Barnes, Greg and Debra -166

Barnes, (Holeman) Sandy, Wife of Roger -424

Barnes, Roger -228

Barrow, John  -406

Barton, Allen  -345
Bear, Donald- 43
Bear. Peggy- 62

Beatty, Chuck  -240

Beebe, Jim -126

Beghe, Jason -213

Behrndt, Jurgen  -404

Bell, Ronnie -418

Bellmaine, Morag  -351

Benjamin, Elliot,  -239

Bennett, Heather  -249

Berge, Magnus -248

Berrington, Robert, -428

Rashleigh-Berry, Roland -137

Berwick, Edward -407
Bettendorf, Waldo- 93

Biggs, Ron  -237

Bird, Adam  =223

Bisbey, Steve  -408

Bloch, Derek  -403
Bolstad, Maureen- 31

Bonora, Frank -231

Boone, Andrew -230

Boote, Stuart -229
Boothby, Martin -97

Bosnos, Mary Ann  -254

Boswarva, Roger  -255
Boublil, Martine -105

Bowers, Nan   -318

Boyd, Philip  -320

Dodd-Bova, Adeline  293

Bowerman, Alex  -256

Brady, Kevin G.  -263

Bradley, Scott  -259

Braine, Patircia -18
Breggin, Virginia, “Ginger”- 80

Brennan, Larry -135

Brillon, Kim and Mitch,  -425
Brooks, Stacy- 28

Brousseau, John -406,

Brown, Carloine, 219

Brown, Gary  -390

Brown, Rod  -353

Browning, Ramana Dienes-  -378

Buchanan, John

Buckingham, Raymond J. D.  –

Burden, Tonja- 32

Burkhart, Paul. -448

Burroughs, William S.- 69

Cain, Vernon Jr. -122

Campbell, Scott and Kerry  -443

Canip, Brian- 76

Canova, Diana  -354

Carey, Kathleen  -355

Carlson, Holly   -151

Carter, David John -149

Castle, Tanja and Stefan  -423

Catt, Andrea  -257

Cecere, David- 125

Chapdelaine, Perry   376
Christman, Tory -100

Cisar, Joe -210

Clancey, Mike  -379
Clark, Neil- 56

Clark, Shane   -380

Cline, June   -383

Cochran, Kathy  –
Colbran, Christie King, husband Chris- 48

Cook, David  -385

Cook, Louise- 41

Corrias, Shelly =187

Corydon, Bent -163

Costantini, Giuliana & Enrico -289  Ex-Scientologist story #289, The “Italian Connection.”

Covarrubias, Carlos  -386

Cox, Elizabeth Ann  -387

Coykendall, Valerie and Gavin  #388,
Craig, David- 13

Cresswell, David  -392

Cullison, John  -393

Culkin, Brian  -357
Cullison, John -109

Culloden, Marie  -232

Cunningham, Joseph  -391

Dacanay, Jackelyn,  -410

Dagnell (Harrington ), Birgitta -194

Daily, Anne- 68

Dammnan, Viebeke  -140
Dardano, Robert- 65

Davies, Shoura and Stephen  394-

Day, Donna  -235

Dearing, Suzette and Michael,  281–
Laura DeCrescenzo (aka Laura Dieckman)- 6

Decheff, Gene  278
DeMille, Richard -121

De Rijk, Caspar -279

Detheridge, Dean and Ana -282

DeWolfe, Ronald -155
Diamond, Francis- 74

Dickerson, Emma  -283

Dieckman, Stace 285 –

Dievenkorn, Anke- 17

Dincalci, Jim -183
Dincalci, Nancy- 71

Dodd, Lilly  284-

Doucette, Gay Anne Marie,  373-
Douglas, Kima- 61

Downsborough, Virginia -212

Dubron, John  -412
Duignan, John- 44

Duncan, Scott  -396

Dunning, Anne Marie -128

Dunning, Rich -132

Echauvarria, Maria  -350

Eisenman, Chris -146

Elleby, Susanne  148

Envoy, Marion -156

Erhard, Werner,  -395

Erlich, Dennis -145
Evans, Laurence- 92


Fareed, Natascha  –  397-
Farraj, Carmel- 85

Fagen, Dave  -415
Fagen, Synthia- 79

Faust, Mimi  -405

Fields, Edie  -398

Fisher, Mark -179

Fishman, Steven -133
Ford, Vickki- 35
Forde, Peter- 46

Foster, Martin  -400

Fouche, Kerry  -244

Francies, Erin  -399

Franks, Bill -158

Freedman, Franklin  -321

Freid, Robert -298
Friend, Roxanne- 3

Friske, Warren  -322

Fry, Will  -184
Gallo, Chip- 63

Gamboa, Fernando and Terri (Gillhan)  307

Garcia, Luis  -358
Gardini, Maria Pia- 79
Gardner, Stewart- 58

Garritano, Lucy  -291

Garritano, Steve -192

Garritano, Sylvana -189
Garrity, Carol- 5
Garvin, Dan- 91

Geary, Bob and Dodie -292

Gerkin, Gitta -288
Gervais, James- 59

Gibbons, Jenni  -294

Gilbert, Emile  -297

Gibson, Lisa  -208
Gill, Dylan -96

Gillham, Doreen  -302

Glazier, Ron -143

Goldstein, Mike -236
Gonnet, Roger- 51
Gorman, Tommy- 4

Gottfried, Aaron  -303

Graham, David- 15

Graham, Bob and Sharon -441

Grahn, Markus -319

Graves, Peter- 72
Greene, Martha- 82

Grey, Tiponi -449

Griffith, Pete  -287

Grosswald, Paul -157

Guider, Chris  -310

Gyatso, Mingyie, -115

Hagemo, Natalie  -336

Haggis, Paul  -304

Hall. Steve -175

Halverson, Lisa -295

Hamilton, Greg -296

Hamilton, Lisa  -370

Hammer, Alexandria -296

Handl, Wilfried  -309

Hanna, Scarlet -138

Hansen, Marjorie- 57

Harrington, Joe  -308

Harrington, Birgitta nee Dagnell #194

Harris, Jason  -311

Hart, Rueben -305
Hartwell, Ernie and Adell- 40

Klein-Hass, Michelle  -299
Hattaway, Ed- 23
Hattaway, Tera- 54
Hawkins, Jefferson- 95

Hayward, Janice  -202

Headly, Marc -191
Heichert, Bill- 89

Henderson, Mike  -317

Herron, Stan -193

Hill, Jenna Miscavige -154

Hines, Bruce -182

Hoffman, Margie Kurntz  -372

Hogarth, Ryan  -444

Holeman, (Barnes while in the SO) -424

Hoverson, Lynne  -439

Holland, Adam- 34

Hollingshead, Shawn  -316

Hoskins, Lance  -312

Hostetler, Linda & Dan  – 217
Houchin, Suzanne and Craig- 66

Hoverson, Lynne  -375
Howell, Yolanda- 8

Hubbard, L. Ron Jr. see Ronald DeWolfe.

Hubbard, Quentin  -325

Hubber, Sheila  -273

Hunt, Martin -147

Hurwitz, Jay  313-

Hutchison, Tom, Carol, Molly & Laura -314

Hutchinson, Moira -315

Jackman, Les  -324

Jackson, Ariane -12

Jason, Don  -238
Jefferson, Thomas, -103

Jeronimo, Charles  -417

Jessup, Rebecca  -335

Johnson, Mary  -207

Johnson, Maurice William -197
Alveray-Jones, Allan  -241
Jones, Mark  -326
Stephen Jones -408
Jost, Patrick  -301

Kates, Charlotte- 75

Kaye, Barbara,  -see Barbara Klowden Snader

Kaufman, Robert  -247
Kealey, Shannon Daniel- 118

Keldani, Joe  –144

Kelly, Casey -124

Kelsey, Shane  -411

Kiddo, Bea  -167

Kling, Thomas  -328

Klingman, Clyde -330

Kleinberg, Eva and Mark  -327

Krenick, Patricia  -329

LaFreniere, Shelby  -336

Lancia, Renzo  -331

Lang, Janette  -223

Larabell, Joe  -333

Larson, Don -205

Larson, Nate, Megan and Mona  -222

Larsson, Roger  -334

Lee, Andrew  -335

Leteman, Caroline- 45

Levy, Alan, 339

Levy, Hy  -356

Levitt, Lorna -198

Lerma, Arnie -200

Lentsch, Susan  -338

Levin, Hank  -337

Lweandowski, Mark  -340

Lindstein, John -268

Little, Jim  -414

Llywellyn, Carman- 131

Lombard, Pauline  -251

Long, Genny  -271
Lopez, Lenny -112
Lopez, Raul- 14

Lorenzen, Karsten J.  -341

Love, David -201

Lugli, Tiziano  -422
Lutz, Vivien Krogmann- 38

Mace, Kathy -196

Mackey, Kevin  -253

Malton, Aude-Claire  -267

Many, Nacy -176

Marion, Carisa  -359
Marlow, Greg- 142

Mayer, Scott -165
Mayett, Ted- 37

McCarthy, Linda -419
McGee, John- 84
McKee, Brown- 73

Mclean, John  -266
McMaster, John -177

Michieletto, Dino -289  Ex-Scientologist story #289, The “Italian Connection.”

Miller, Melissa  -413

Mitchell, Lana  -342

Moore, Brendan- 77

Montalvo, Daniel  -300

Morehead, Gary  -216

Muhli, Pertti -164
Mullen, Mandy- 83

Naman, Rita  -340

Neujahr, Tanya -218

Carol Nyburg (Vedder)-417

Obolensky, Serge -402

O’Brien, Peta  -269

Offer, Frank – 280

Oliver, Frank -206

Osborne, Sydney -436

Ostler, Sean -270

Ottmann, Martin -190
Pace, Rosie- 84

Padgett, Tom -171

Plahuta, Cindy -430    —

Pamnell, Catarina -134

Paris, Valeska Guider -381
Parker, Bobby- 70

Payne, Randy  -234

Pearson, Creed -99

Peeler, John -204
Penny, Bob- 18
Peterson, Janie- 67
Pieniadz, [Moher] Patty- 10
Pignotti, Monica- 53
Plummer, Mark- 60

Press, Skip  -402

Pressley, Karen -195

Prince, Jesse -169

Ragsdale, Jeanne -220
Raine, Kathy- 1
Ray, David- 81

Reid, William  -234

Reilly, Edward -107

Robinson, Robert
Roos, Otto- 30
Rosenblum, Anne- 36

Rowe, Glover and Dee  -290

Kay Milasinovich Rowe  -411


Salomon, Alex, -435

Samuelsson, Sam  -264

Saxton, Aaron -181  http://an

Schippers, Bert -439

Schlesinger, Jullian -437

Scholfield, Paul David -102
Schomer, Homer- 26

Schwartz, Andrea & Ford  –261

Schernekau, Susanne  -260

Schippers, Bert  -375

Schweitzer, Jeanette  -199

Scott, Perry 276,

Scott, Phill -159
Shannon, Dr. Donna- 11

Shelton, Chris -433

Shewmaker, Lee  -445
Simmel, Paul -119
Simmel, Susan- 48

Smith, Jerry E.  277

Smith, Julia Llewellyn -275

Smithers, Gulliver -286
Sola, Cheryl- 52

Sorensen, Thomas  -274

Sorrentini, Jamie  -371

Sharone Stainforth  =306

Stansfield, Fred and Valerie -271
Stanfield, Alfred- 25

Straasser, Bill  -420

Stevens, Mac  -170

Stevenson, Kevin  -416
Smith, Kathryn -113

Snader, Barbara Klowden (AKA Barbara Kaye) -215

Sullivan, Laurel, – 188
Summers, Teresa -104

Sweetland, Dave -160

Szabo, Gabor  -262

Talbot, Susan  -332

Taverna, Lori- 88
Taylor, Neil. -334

Terry, Mick  -233

Christofferson Titchbourne, Julie – 150

Tilse, Micheal- 7

Carmichael-Timson, Steve -172

Thomas, Aida  -350

Thomas, Rob- 24

Thomas, Zane -203

Thompson, Robert -110

Tobayoyon, Andre- 27
Toomajan, Lawrence- 87
Troy, Janet- 47

Trudgian, Nicola  -409

Tuffin, Roger -265

Ubaghs, Bryan -440

Underwood, Tim and Carmela  -258

Valasco, Rose -108

Valley, Simi -416
Van Schaick, Lavenda- 64

De Vocht, Tom -173

Voegeding, Diana- 9

Voltz, Tom -136

Voller, Gunther, -442
Vosper, Cyril- 86

Wakefield. Margery -123

Wallace, William  -334
Walters, Edward -117

Walton, Ian  -410

Weber, Gary  -438

Webster, Janela  -409

Wenlock, Mick -127
Westerman, Rhett- 21
Whitfield, Hana- 29
Whitfield, Jerry, -101

Whitney, Wayne -186

Williams, Richard- 55
Williams, Sam -111

Wiseman, Kendra -211

Wolff, Jackie -153

Wollersheim, Larry -141
Wood, Lily- 42
Woodcraft, Astra -120

Woodcraft, Lawrence -139

Woodcraft, Zoe -130

Woods, Bonnie- 42

Woods, Richard -152

Woodward, Ann Marie -162

Working, Suzanne  -374
Wright, Tom- 33
Wyninger, Sandra- 2
Wynne, Gabrielle- 90

Yarian, Skip, -412
Yeager, Scott -168

Young, R. Vaughn- 39
Zamudio, Karla- 20

Zbitnoff, Maxim ‘Max’106 –

Zbitnoff, Sasha -161

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Ex-Scientologist story #94, “I wanted to die”

Rosie Pace was just 13 when she started Scientology along with her sister.  She was a highly classed auditor at the age of sixteen.  She soon found her way to Clearwater, the Mecca of perfection in Scientology.  Only, don’t get sick if you are on staff, “I had a high fever and swollen glands and I couldn’t get out of bed. And I was ordered out of bed because there was going to be a meeting with the senior CS of the Flag Land Base.  So, I got out of bed and he screamed and screamed and screamed and ordered me back on post the next morning. Also, my sister, Annie, who’s not here, was sick, also. And he ordered her back on post the next morning and said he would not tolerate any illness.”

She came to Clearwater for advanced courses, NED for OTs.  But they didn’t roll out the red carpet, “. . .which was supposed to be beyond your wildest dreams and it was just going to handle everything that’s wrong with you, and that I would be treated like gold when I got to Flag Land Base. And I later found out that was an absolute lie. . . ants all over the bed. There were about eight to ten beds in each room, no air conditioner, luggage all over the room; you could hardly walk. There were roaches all over the entire building.”

This is why she left: “Because I hated it. I wanted to die while I was there. I was hoping — and this is the truth — I was hoping that when I went to the doctor that he would tell me I had cancer. And that — that way, I could get out, because, mentally, I could not leave Flag Land Base unless I was dying.”

There is a lot more to this story and it is well worth the time to read it.  Remember, these are the people who think they have the answers for the world.  Yeah.

Life in Hubbard’s world.

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Ex-Scientologist story #93, OT7 Class VI auditor.

Waldo Bettendorf spent ten years in Scientology.  He lived in the Bay Area and was on OT and an auditor.  Why did he stay in Scientology so long?

I believed the lie: ‘The auditor is the most valuable person on the planet’

He made a living as an auditor but things went bad, “In 1983 the Mission Holder conference fiasco, followed by the financial police plundering the missions, my pay dropped by 90% and my family and I ended up living on the street. I was forced to go get a wog job.”

When asked what should be done to change the practies of Scientology he says they must do this,

“1. Practice their own ‘creed’.
2. Reveal the truth about LRH.
3. Jail the criminals that are running the scam.
4. Free all of the prisoners in the RPF
5. Stop all fair game and disconnection.”

To read the rest of his statement go here:

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Ex-Scientologist story #92, forgetful OTs.

No OTs here!!

Laurence Evans spent time both as a public member and six months on staff.  The failure of the “clears” and upper level OTs to show any special attributes was a big factor in his leaving.

Of these big shot thetans he says, “So called OT’s would forget what they had said to me the day before, or I would get a phone call two days in a row from a ‘Clear’ on the same topic. I would say, ‘You called me yesterday’ and he would say ‘I did?’ All these people were supposed to have ‘total recall’, so what was going on? The fundamentals were lacking and nobody was willing to explain why.”

“Clears and OT’s could give a public demonstration of their total recall of all senses by simply giving them a string of colours and words. They should then be able to go back on the ‘time track’ and recall the sequence. The burden of proof should be on the Scientologist who has achieved these abilities, rather than saying all the failures have committed ‘overts’ against Scientology and need to write up their overts and witholds. ”

To anyone but a deluded Scientologist Clears and OTs are not super men or super women by any stretch of the imagination.  To read the rest of this former member’s statement go here:

Fromer member Margery Wakefield speaks about the OTs of Scientology.

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Space Operas in pulps, art, corn and Hubbard.

Sept. 1949, "Startling Stories."

In this issue Beyond the Black Nebula by L. Ron Hubbard, (as by Rene Lafayete).  The covers of these old pulps have some wonderful art, full of corn of course.  Hubbard got tired of, as he said, “writing for a penny a word.”  He invented Scientology which paid a lot more, it was still writing fiction though.  Later he would write the great space opera, “OT III” which made him even richer.  He died a hermit, but a damned rich one worth over 200 million.

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Ex-Scientologist story #91, Dan Garvin takes the red pill.

Dan Garvin left Scientology just short of his twenty-fifth anniversary in the Sea Org.   Most of his time was spent around the LA area and FLB, Clearwater, FL.  He was in OSA until some sort of internal purge got him sent elsewhere.  There came a time however when the single word most feared by Scientology leaders worried itself into his mind: Doubt.  For once there is doubt the next thing that happens is Looking.

Dan says, “Where I could accept it, I did, but some things were just too outrageous, even for me. Those things are not the things that make most people go, “Huh???” at Scientology, or fall into fits of hysterical laughter. I had no problem swallowing whole track, space opera, clams and sloths and photon converters, oh my!, all that. What stuck in my throat were the logical and factual impossibilities concerning the immediate world: How he’d seen it mathematically “proven” that the brain could only hold 3 months’ worth of memories (math, my ass: Hubbard couldn’t even add water), despite its 10^21 “neurones” (which would require a head at least ten feet in diameter to contain); how the speed of light was not fixed or unsurpassable, but varied measurably with the frequency (a fact no one else has noticed in over a century of constant experimental and practical use of this figure); how absolutely nothing, but nothing, except overts and withholds could ever cause anyone to leave any group, especially one as spiffy as the Sea Org (yet they leave by the dozen, despite the superb administration of Golden Age of Tech confessional procedure, which roots out and thoroughly handles overts and withholds); and so on, and so on, and so on. . .So I took the red pill (Matrix fans, please explain this to your
uninitiated friends). I went to and searched out the Seeecrut Scrrrriptures.”

As to the big thetans themselves, the OTs and the sinister Wall of Fire, Dan did some thinking. “It didn’t take me long. I started by looking on the web for any signs of real and verifiable OT powers. That went nowhere, fast. Up to the point I was actually gone, I had never looked at any of the Scientology websites, pro or con, or a.r.s. That was part of the self-policing that any hard-core Scientologist does; premature exposure to the OT III and above materials might kill me or make me horribly ill and seriously mess up my “case”; it would damn sure get me in a world of hurt with the Ethics people, as would reading any “entheta” information. However, once I was safely out the door and out from under the unimaginable oppression that I only noticed when it was gone, I continued up my own “bridge to rationality.” For instance, if the OT III materials were so deadly, where were all the bodies? Really, where were they? Where were the epidemics of pneumonia with each new illicit publication? Why weren’t those pesky critics dying off on their own, why did OSA have to bother with them? Could it be that (the possibly still awesome but now definitely suspect) Hubbard had made yet another mistake?” 

To read the rest of this rather involved but yet interesting story go here.

Here is the life of L. Ron Hubbard exposed.


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Ex-Scientologist story #90, Sneezes Threaten Disconnection.

Gabrielle Wynne was a former staff member at the Scientology mission in Dublin who at first found some good points in Hubbard’s tech,  “I got a lot from them. I thought, It can only get better from here.” This is what she thought after taking some introductory courses.  However doubts began creeping in after she was betrayed by sneezes, of all things.

This strange saga is taken from an article which appeared in The Irish Times, March 19, 2011

” But there was a problem: her habit of contracting colds and flu was interpreted by her colleagues as a symptom of being “suppressed”. When asked if she was close to anyone who might disagree with Scientology, she admitted her mother had misgivings. Wynne was urged to disconnect from her mother, but she refused. Instead she was told to write her mother a letter, which was edited by the ethics officer, committing herself to the religion. “She just thought it was weird,” says Wynne. “Me and my mam can talk about anything. She knew that wouldn’t be me.”

Not only was she told to disconnect from her mom but she was lied to about her staff pay.  Those of you who have read other stories in this series will recognize this familiar pattern of deception.

Sitting in a cafe, the bubbly 22-year-old says that she was promised a salary but that, in all her time of cleaning, cold-calling, auditing others and pushing flyers through letter boxes, there wasn’t one. “I was handed a little envelope with a €2 coin in it. I got my bus home that night and never got paid anything else.”

In the end she couldn’t stand the situation any longer, her involvement with the greedy cult ended.

She felt lied to. Initially they had assured her that people were never urged to disconnect from friends or family, that it was “black PR”. They had also repeatedly denied the existence of what Wynne refers to as “the Xenu thing”, part of a confidential scripture revealed at Operating Thetan III level that Hubbard described as a space opera. (Scientology postulates that it can be fatal if discovered prematurely.) Yet she had seen a YouTube video of the church’s current spokesperson confirming it.

“There were so many witnesses and ex-members sharing things. I thought, They can’t all be lying. I was told they were all just suppressive people . . . It was never Scientology. It was always everyone else’s problem.”

To read this article, which mentions other former Scientologists and the general state of the cult in Ireland go here:


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Ex-Scientologist story #89, “He conned me.”

Bill Heichert was an ardent Scientologist, courses and levels he reached were Perm Cl 4 aud, New ot 5, Also donated over $200,000 to the IAS.  He spent 19 years in Scientology; why did he stay? “I thought SCN was trying to save the planet. I thought that my eternity was to be found in scn.” 

His statement is short and to the point:

“I think that lrh was one of the mst [sic] evil men of all time. He set the whole thing up (scn) to gain power, money and fame. He conned me.”

After this there is little to say as far as Bill had to say, to read the full statement go here:

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