Ex-Scientologist story #90, Sneezes Threaten Disconnection.

Gabrielle Wynne was a former staff member at the Scientology mission in Dublin who at first found some good points in Hubbard’s tech,  “I got a lot from them. I thought, It can only get better from here.” This is what she thought after taking some introductory courses.  However doubts began creeping in after she was betrayed by sneezes, of all things.

This strange saga is taken from an article which appeared in The Irish Times, March 19, 2011

” But there was a problem: her habit of contracting colds and flu was interpreted by her colleagues as a symptom of being “suppressed”. When asked if she was close to anyone who might disagree with Scientology, she admitted her mother had misgivings. Wynne was urged to disconnect from her mother, but she refused. Instead she was told to write her mother a letter, which was edited by the ethics officer, committing herself to the religion. “She just thought it was weird,” says Wynne. “Me and my mam can talk about anything. She knew that wouldn’t be me.”

Not only was she told to disconnect from her mom but she was lied to about her staff pay.  Those of you who have read other stories in this series will recognize this familiar pattern of deception.

Sitting in a cafe, the bubbly 22-year-old says that she was promised a salary but that, in all her time of cleaning, cold-calling, auditing others and pushing flyers through letter boxes, there wasn’t one. “I was handed a little envelope with a €2 coin in it. I got my bus home that night and never got paid anything else.”

In the end she couldn’t stand the situation any longer, her involvement with the greedy cult ended.

She felt lied to. Initially they had assured her that people were never urged to disconnect from friends or family, that it was “black PR”. They had also repeatedly denied the existence of what Wynne refers to as “the Xenu thing”, part of a confidential scripture revealed at Operating Thetan III level that Hubbard described as a space opera. (Scientology postulates that it can be fatal if discovered prematurely.) Yet she had seen a YouTube video of the church’s current spokesperson confirming it.

“There were so many witnesses and ex-members sharing things. I thought, They can’t all be lying. I was told they were all just suppressive people . . . It was never Scientology. It was always everyone else’s problem.”

To read this article, which mentions other former Scientologists and the general state of the cult in Ireland go here: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/weekend/2011/0319/1224292581794.html



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