Ex-Scientologist story #91, Dan Garvin takes the red pill.

Dan Garvin left Scientology just short of his twenty-fifth anniversary in the Sea Org.   Most of his time was spent around the LA area and FLB, Clearwater, FL.  He was in OSA until some sort of internal purge got him sent elsewhere.  There came a time however when the single word most feared by Scientology leaders worried itself into his mind: Doubt.  For once there is doubt the next thing that happens is Looking.

Dan says, “Where I could accept it, I did, but some things were just too outrageous, even for me. Those things are not the things that make most people go, “Huh???” at Scientology, or fall into fits of hysterical laughter. I had no problem swallowing whole track, space opera, clams and sloths and photon converters, oh my!, all that. What stuck in my throat were the logical and factual impossibilities concerning the immediate world: How he’d seen it mathematically “proven” that the brain could only hold 3 months’ worth of memories (math, my ass: Hubbard couldn’t even add water), despite its 10^21 “neurones” (which would require a head at least ten feet in diameter to contain); how the speed of light was not fixed or unsurpassable, but varied measurably with the frequency (a fact no one else has noticed in over a century of constant experimental and practical use of this figure); how absolutely nothing, but nothing, except overts and withholds could ever cause anyone to leave any group, especially one as spiffy as the Sea Org (yet they leave by the dozen, despite the superb administration of Golden Age of Tech confessional procedure, which roots out and thoroughly handles overts and withholds); and so on, and so on, and so on. . .So I took the red pill (Matrix fans, please explain this to your
uninitiated friends). I went to http://www.xenu.net and searched out the Seeecrut Scrrrriptures.”

As to the big thetans themselves, the OTs and the sinister Wall of Fire, Dan did some thinking. “It didn’t take me long. I started by looking on the web for any signs of real and verifiable OT powers. That went nowhere, fast. Up to the point I was actually gone, I had never looked at any of the Scientology websites, pro or con, or a.r.s. That was part of the self-policing that any hard-core Scientologist does; premature exposure to the OT III and above materials might kill me or make me horribly ill and seriously mess up my “case”; it would damn sure get me in a world of hurt with the Ethics people, as would reading any “entheta” information. However, once I was safely out the door and out from under the unimaginable oppression that I only noticed when it was gone, I continued up my own “bridge to rationality.” For instance, if the OT III materials were so deadly, where were all the bodies? Really, where were they? Where were the epidemics of pneumonia with each new illicit publication? Why weren’t those pesky critics dying off on their own, why did OSA have to bother with them? Could it be that (the possibly still awesome but now definitely suspect) Hubbard had made yet another mistake?” 

To read the rest of this rather involved but yet interesting story go here.  http://www.lermanet.com/exit/DanGarvin.htm

Here is the life of L. Ron Hubbard exposed.


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