Ex-Scientologist story #92, forgetful OTs.

No OTs here!!

Laurence Evans spent time both as a public member and six months on staff.  The failure of the “clears” and upper level OTs to show any special attributes was a big factor in his leaving.

Of these big shot thetans he says, “So called OT’s would forget what they had said to me the day before, or I would get a phone call two days in a row from a ‘Clear’ on the same topic. I would say, ‘You called me yesterday’ and he would say ‘I did?’ All these people were supposed to have ‘total recall’, so what was going on? The fundamentals were lacking and nobody was willing to explain why.”

“Clears and OT’s could give a public demonstration of their total recall of all senses by simply giving them a string of colours and words. They should then be able to go back on the ‘time track’ and recall the sequence. The burden of proof should be on the Scientologist who has achieved these abilities, rather than saying all the failures have committed ‘overts’ against Scientology and need to write up their overts and witholds. ”

To anyone but a deluded Scientologist Clears and OTs are not super men or super women by any stretch of the imagination.  To read the rest of this former member’s statement go here: http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?59

Fromer member Margery Wakefield speaks about the OTs of Scientology.

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