Ex-Scientologist story #93, OT7 Class VI auditor.

Waldo Bettendorf spent ten years in Scientology.  He lived in the Bay Area and was on OT and an auditor.  Why did he stay in Scientology so long?

I believed the lie: ‘The auditor is the most valuable person on the planet’

He made a living as an auditor but things went bad, “In 1983 the Mission Holder conference fiasco, followed by the financial police plundering the missions, my pay dropped by 90% and my family and I ended up living on the street. I was forced to go get a wog job.”

When asked what should be done to change the practies of Scientology he says they must do this,

“1. Practice their own ‘creed’.
2. Reveal the truth about LRH.
3. Jail the criminals that are running the scam.
4. Free all of the prisoners in the RPF
5. Stop all fair game and disconnection.”

To read the rest of his statement go here: http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?80

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