Ex-Scientologist story #95, The Voice of the Silenced.

Jefferson Hawkins recently wrote one of the most damning books ever written about Scientology, I spent 35 years working for the Church of Scientology, all over the world, and at all echelons, including the top-level at the Scientology International Base in Hemet, California.

In Counterfeit Dreams he details the evil abuses of Scientology not as isolated incidents but as a systematic regimen of cruelty designed to break down the human spirit and render staff members in compliant, mindless and unquestioning Scieno-Bots. And where did this evil come from?  Much of it was from the Master Thetan himself, L. Ron Hubbard who gave the world such wonderful things as Disconnection, the Fair Game Policy and the RPF.  This bedrock of sadism was built on with great energy and zeal by the current dictator of Scientology, David Miscavige.  This pint-sized dictator developed a taste for beating subordinates, jumping over tables during meetings to do so.  This has been chronicled in other recent books notably Abuse at the Top by Amy Scobee.  Miscavige studied as a young lad under Hubbard and learned his dictitorial management style from the boss himself.  But it is more than the beatings, more than the RPF and being fed rice and beans when the infernal Stats are down.  It is the terrible way Scientologists treat each other.  Evidently there is nothing much in Hubbard’s teachings about being respectful of each other; in particular there is no emphasis in the Sea Org about getting along or even Love Thy Neighbor.  Nope, it is shark infested waters in Scientology staff life; they yell, scream, lie, steal from and abuse each other like no heathens on earth would do.

To read more about Jeff’s book, which is also reviewed in this blog, go here:http://counterfeitdreams.blogspot.com/

To see Jeff on YouTube pt. one:


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Cover art from sci-fi pulps.

"Astounding Science Fiction." April, 1949, "Plague!" by L. Ron Hubbard, (as by Renee LaFayette)

Gads, I was two months old when this hit the newsstands.  Astounding Science Fiction, was the best magazine of science fiction pulps at the time.  The artwork (from some of the top artists of the day) relied more on the story for their inspiration than sex appeal.  Other magazines like Planet Stories relied more on pointy-breasted, scantily clad women featured on their lurid covers for sales rather than good authors, although they did have a few of the better writers.  Magazines back then were usually sold in drugstores in racks near the soda fountain.  Young men and teen boys bought most of the magazines so that sex appeal was a real factor in sales. 

Stories of that era, including Hubbard’s (especially Hubbard’s) didn’t wear very well over the years.  Writers back then didn’t spend much time on technology explanations since there was darn little technology around.  The language, the plots and the ludicrous ignorance of basic science make these stories hopelessly dated.

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More from the Golden Era of Pulps

"Science Adventure" 1950, "The Kingslayer", by L. Ron Hubbard.

I admit that I am addicted to the artwork of these old pulp space operas.  Lots of action with fleets of ships, evil rulers and sexy women.

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