Ex-Scientologist story #100, Magoo strikes back!!

Tory Christman (formerly Tory Bezazian) is a prominent critic of Scientology and former member of the organization.  She joined Scientology in 1969 rising to the level of OT VII in the advanced courses.  During her time in the group she was active in various Scientology front groups and also the Office of Special Affairs (OSA), the entity in Scientology that deals with critics, disaffected members and legal matters.  They are the ones within Scientology that apply Hubbard’s fair game policy to those who they feel are their enemies.  While doing volunteer work for OSA Tory went astray online and found her way to Operation Clambake which has all the information on Hubbard that Scientology does not want its members to see.  Once doubt crept into her mind it was over.  To read the Wikipedia account of Tory’s life inside the cult go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tory_Christman

There are many videos and articles about Tory, here are a couple for YouTube

And more:

More yet:

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Ex-Scientologist story #99, Creed Pearson Finds Hubbard’s Lies.

Creed Pearson was a Scientology starting in 1979, formally quitting in 2005.  Over the years he spent many thousands of dollars in a vain attempt to move forward on Hubbard’s bridge.  His story is long and detailed, but for the moment let’s skip ahead until we reach the point where the dreaded doubts creep in.

I had to listen to “The State of Man Congress” for the fourth time. While listening, I noticed significant out-points. One in particular can be found on page 70 of the 1992 transcript, copyright by L Ron Hubbard Library. In the tape entitled “Zones of Control and Responsibility of Governments” Ron lectures the following:

“I remember vividly when I charged up Bunker Hill – just – what’s this all about? I was going to withold that.”  

No, my overt act

(crime, contra-survival action) against the American Government comes about with killing your favorite general, fellow by the name of Prescott, in the Battle of Breeds Hill, 1775. I wasn’t even a combatant. The rebels made a mistake of killing a friend of mine who was part of the British troops.” 

Now here is the problem. The glossary of that same issue on page 153 states, “Prescott:  William Prescott (1726-1795) American soldier in the Revolutionary War (1775-1783). He was commander of a body of men that were ordered to fortify Bunker Hill. Prescott, however, decided to fortify Breeds Hill since it commanded the town more effectively. As soon as the British saw the Americans in position on the morning of June 17, 1775, they opened fire, especially training their muskets on Prescott himself. Several bullets pierced his clothing but he paid no attention to them. His extraordinary coolness under fire inspired his men, and he is remembered as the major hero of the battle. See also Bunker Hill in this glossary.

 No, my overt act against the American government comes about with the killing of your favorite general, fellow by the name of Prescott, in the battle of Breeds Hill, 1775 – Zones of Control and Responsibility of Governments 3 Jan. 60).  

As you can see, Prescott did not die at the Battle of Breeds Hill. He didn’t die until 1795, some twenty years later. In fact, he served in the Massachusetts State legislature for two terms after the war. See http://theamericanrevolution.org/people/wpscott.asp for more details. So, Hubbard’s remark was a fabrication.

Later Creed would find that since he had made a fuss about an apparent lie or misrepresentation by Hubbard.  History had been changed to suit the present neet.  That is very much how things were handled in Orwell’s book, 1984.  Only instead of Big Brother they now have Little Davie.

Anyway, my wife moved out, filed for divorce, and changed the phone numbers of my children so that I could not talk to them. Shortly after moving out she attended the new “Golden Age of Knowledge” event at Flag. A few days later, five boxes arrived at my house from Golden Era Productions. Contained therein were the new “Congress Lectures.” I took the liberty of opening the transcript for this new version of the “State of Man Congress.” I looked at the glossary. Sure enough, the entire reference to Prescott had been removed.

Creed began to look a little closer and harder at Scientology materials he had access to.

I obtained from Virgil’s collection an old “All About Radiation” says on the dust cover “by a Nuclear Physicist and a Medical Doctor.” In truth, LRH actually failed his only physics class at George Washington University and dropped out of college after only two years. His doctorate was from a now defunct diploma mill and isn’t worth the paper that it is written on.

Creed caught Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard in a web of lies and more  lies.  For that he got selected for The Order of the Boot.  Of course his wife and children disconnected from him.

To read the rest of Creed’s story go here: http://www.lermanet.com/creed-pearson/

Part one of four, Creed tells his own story.

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Ex-Scientologist story #98, OT VIII: tricked by Scientology.

True stories of an evil cult.

Ildiko Bajnoczi is an Italian who rode the bucking bull of Scientology all the way up to OT VIII.  It cost her a ton of money, of course, to get this far.  But when she got there was she a satisfied customer? She has this to say.

When I finally reached the level of “OT 8” the results I obtained were: a divorce, heart trouble, head ache and tremendous nightmares every night (including an aggression by a reptilian monster which puts me into a state of depression for the whole day). [perhaps she was dreaming of David Miscavige].

To read the rest of her story:


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Ex-Scientologist story #97, Martin Boothby, Twice Fooled

True stories from a dismal cult.

Martin Boothby spent only a short time, comparatively speaking in the cult of Scieintology.  His urge to join was stimulated to a large extent by the sex appeal of the woman selling Scientology courses.  Little did he know then how priggish the cult members are on sexual matters.  Hubbard’s group makes the Victorian prudes look like Romans at an orgy.  This caused his ruin in Scientology, he simply couldn’t keep his pants zipped.  He says of his involvement in the cult: 

But all you guys who have had a bad time from your experiences – I understand your pain. It is not nice to be endlessly bullshitted. Put in a life limbo on the basis of an impossible dream. It COULD be done, but with an organisation like the Church who are in my view, the most arrogant, twisted
and lying bunch of assholes, it would take something like the second coming to wake them up out of their brutal complacency.

To read the rest of this statement go here: http://www.lermanet.com/exit/sleepingdog.html

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Ex-Scientologist story #96, Dylan Gill Disconnected

Real Life Stories From a Really Nasty Cult.

Dylan Gill says this about the results of his relationship to Scientology.  I have been disconnected from my father and uncle for 6 yrs now. Yet the whole reason I got into Scientology was to be able to communicate with my father better. Oh well.

In his short narrative that was first posted in ARS a while back he does not go into any great detail but whatever he did he pissed off the Scientologists  because I found him on their enemies list: http://www.xenu.net/archive/disk/enemy/nm_lst.htm

To read the rest of Dylan’s post go here: http://www.lermanet.com/persecution/dylansstory.html

Forced disconnection has become one of the more evil aspects of Scientology so there is now a lot on the net about it.  Here are some videos about it.  

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