Ex-Scientologist story #100, Magoo strikes back!!

Tory Christman (formerly Tory Bezazian) is a prominent critic of Scientology and former member of the organization.  She joined Scientology in 1969 rising to the level of OT VII in the advanced courses.  During her time in the group she was active in various Scientology front groups and also the Office of Special Affairs (OSA), the entity in Scientology that deals with critics, disaffected members and legal matters.  They are the ones within Scientology that apply Hubbard’s fair game policy to those who they feel are their enemies.  While doing volunteer work for OSA Tory went astray online and found her way to Operation Clambake which has all the information on Hubbard that Scientology does not want its members to see.  Once doubt crept into her mind it was over.  To read the Wikipedia account of Tory’s life inside the cult go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tory_Christman

There are many videos and articles about Tory, here are a couple for YouTube

And more:

More yet:

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