Ex-Scientologist story #97, Martin Boothby, Twice Fooled

True stories from a dismal cult.

Martin Boothby spent only a short time, comparatively speaking in the cult of Scieintology.  His urge to join was stimulated to a large extent by the sex appeal of the woman selling Scientology courses.  Little did he know then how priggish the cult members are on sexual matters.  Hubbard’s group makes the Victorian prudes look like Romans at an orgy.  This caused his ruin in Scientology, he simply couldn’t keep his pants zipped.  He says of his involvement in the cult: 

But all you guys who have had a bad time from your experiences – I understand your pain. It is not nice to be endlessly bullshitted. Put in a life limbo on the basis of an impossible dream. It COULD be done, but with an organisation like the Church who are in my view, the most arrogant, twisted
and lying bunch of assholes, it would take something like the second coming to wake them up out of their brutal complacency.

To read the rest of this statement go here: http://www.lermanet.com/exit/sleepingdog.html

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