Ex-Scientologist story #102, “Nazis at the top of the org.”

Paul David Schofield spent thirty years in Scienotology.  His level of training was Cl V/FPRD Auditor, Cl IV/KTL & LOC C/S, Staff Status IV, Exec Status ONe, Professor.  Most of this was done a the Sydney, Australia Org.  His experience on staff was very typical.  No matter what country, life in the Sea Org was not too pleasant.  Low staff pay, Nazis at the top of the org, constantly declining stats, injustices masquerading as justice, general blindness among Scientologists as to what was really happening around them – I tried to ignore it as it would all be OK once ‘we’ had the planet ‘Cleared’.

Of his time in Scientology, the lost years, he says this, I still feel bitterness that I spent the majority of my life slaving for a dream that ultimately was a con. I would love to see this idiocy dismantled and all the slaves freed.

To read the rest of his statement go here: http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?263

Since I posted this a few months ago I have found out more about the story of Paul Schofield’s story.  It is sad; incredibly sad.  Little wonder he had such hard words for the cult.  Two of his daughters died while in the care of Scientology staffers.  The crass ignorance and stupidity of those members is more than mere words can describe.

Understandably his wife is sour towards Scientology.  For her comments go here.  It is far from the whole story but still her pain comes through.  http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?8344-My-name-is-Carolyn-Schofield&p=164853#post164853

Update: Paul has commented on the Debbie Cook case on a popular Australian TV show.


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