Ex-Scientologist story #103, time and money lost, par for the course.

True story about a false religion.

Thomas Jefferson was a professional golfer who thought that by using Scientology methods and by taking their courses he would be able to:

(1)It would raise my I.Q.

(2) It would free me from all neuroses and psychosis.

(3) It would enable me to make all the money I would want.

(4) It would enable me to get a better job.

(5) It would enable me to avoid divorce.

(6) As a PGA Golfer it would improve my golf game in the following manner:

(a) It would enable me to improve my golf swing.

(b) It would enable me to improve my concentration.

(c) It would improve my eyesight.

(d) It would improve reflex time.

(e) It would enable me to have a longer memory.

(f) It would enable me to “intend” a golf shot to go where I wanted.

(g) It would enable me to go “exterior” and see over the top of a hill or trees and better able to make a “blind” golf shot.

Little did he know that the person making these claims would say anything in order to sell a course and get their stats up.  And how did his life go once in Scientology?   

At the end of 1970 I was sent to the Celebrity Center in Los Angeles to recruit other PGA golfers. I was told the Celebrity Center is an org whose purpose is to proselytize wealthy persons I worked at the Celebrity Center 12 to 14 hours a day, seven days a week and was not paid.  At the end of 1971 I ran out of money and left scientology. Early in 1972 I was declared “fair game” by Frank Freedman. Freedman told me I was beyond all protection of scientologists and told me  that they could do anything they wanted against me. Eddy Walters, a friend and fellow scientologist of mine at that time, told me that Freedman had told him that I was an “enemy” ,and “fair game”. Freedman took many of my belongings which I had paid for.   I was told by Freedman that to have the “fair game” policy dropped I would have to “pay off my contract”, which he said was $18,000.  Because of the unknown fear instilled in me by the organization, my addiction to auditing, and the written policy that the subject of “fair game” could be “tricked”, “lied to”, “sued”, or “destroyed”, I worked for a year and paid off the contract.  Between 1973 and March 1979 I worked part-time and took auditing at the Las Vegas Org for which I paid an additional approximately $20,000.  I left scientology in March 1979 because I had lost over $63,000, (including about $25,000 expended while in the Sea Org) and nine years of my life and received nothing in return.

Stories like this are frequent in this series.  But now that we have the internet hopefully they will be a lot less common.  To read the rest of Mr. Jefferson’s story go here. http://www.naderlibrary.com/cia.scientologyclearwater.exhIX.jefferson.htm

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