Ex-Scientologist #104, “Crazy OTs”

True Stories About a False Religion.

Teresa Summers was a longtime Scientologist who left in 1999.  The following year she became a staff member of the Lisa McPherson Trust.

I had been in Scientology for 20 years and when I came out it was difficult. I went through a lot of crap that I have now learned many people go through when they leave Scientology. Depression, anger, self-recrimination. Recognition that I had been duped; recognition that I had allowed myself to be duped. Repulsion as I educated myself about this organization and all the secret, horrible things they do to people. Repulsion at myself for being so damn stupid….

She was able to help people with a variety of things mostly concerned with exit counseling.  Teresa did however, encounter the OTs, the big thetans at the top of the cult.  These are the folks who are supposed to have great powers beyond what any of us can do.  They can travel in time, do things outside their body, read minds, speak to ghosts and spirits and all other manner of marvels.  Nobody has seen these things though, yet the OTs have them for sure!

Crazy OTs.  I mean it.  I am simply astonished by the number of people who have audited OT VII for YEARS and are physically ill or breaking down mentally and emotionally.  The LMT has received more than one call from an OT VII from a psychiatric ward.

To read the rest of her statement go here: http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/others/greg_bashaw.html

Update:  Since the above was posted I found some comments made by Teresa in an article about children in Scientology.  This is an excellent article on the subject.  Here is a sample.  Hubbard was against breast-feeding,

“Hubbard’s infamous Barley Water formula is another example of interference in natural processes.  Hubbard declared that “The largest cause of upset in a baby’s early life is just rations.  As an old hand at this, I have straightened out more babies who were cross, not sleeping, getting sick and all, than it was easy to keep a record of.”  Hubbard dismissed existing methods of feeding babies on “bad-tasting” milk powder formulae with lots of carbohydrates or the thin breast-milk of a mother exhausted through overwork. [Scientology Handbook 1994, 28]  “Breast feeding babies may have a nostalgic background, particularly to a Freudian oriented medico, but real breast milk again is usually a poor ration”.

To read more go here: http://antidianetics.wordpress.com/2010/08/27/hello-world/

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