Ex-Scientologist story #105, More trouble in France.


Nooooo, not in the salad!!


ROME, March 1, 2008 (AFP) Translated by Roger Gonnet.  Here high members of “the most ethical people on the planet” were caught in some criminality.  Ever wonder why Scientology has the reputation it has? Without knowing more I am going to guess that she was a victim of the “Introspection RunDown.”  This was the quack cure that killed Lisa McPherson. 

 The police officers had discovered on 21st January Martine Boublil, sister of Claude Boublil, an important member of the church of Scientology in France, locked up in a room filled with rubbish. Initially identified as being of Tunisian origin, she had been found half-naked and sleeping on an mattress infested with vermin, according to the local police force.

Four French people, a woman and three men, identified as members of the Church of Scientology and suspected of having detained Martine Boublil against her will, had been arrested  then, a spokesman of the prefecture of local police force indicated at the time.

and this,  George Fenech (UMP), vice-president of the parliamentary group on cults, proposed on Saturday the creation of a parliamentary board of inquiry into Scientology after a Frenchwoman was held prisoner by members of the cult in Sardinia.

“This recent affair casts suspicion once more on the Church of Scientology with a French victim, Martine Boublil, claiming serious infringements of her freedom and her physical integrity, and indicates the real dangers of this organization”, the deputy said in an official statement.

M. Fenech “will present in the French National Assembly a motion for a resolution creating a parliamentary board of inquiry to determine the real nature of the activities of this movement, its methods of operation, its sources of financing and in a more general way if the organization respects the laws of the French Republic”, the text adds.

Martine Boublil, held by force in Sardinia by members of the Church of Scientology and released at the end of January by the Italian police force, “will soon be repatriated to France”, French diplomatic sources in Rome indicated on Saturday.

For more information on how this former French Scientologist got treated go here: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.religion.scientology/browse_thread/thread/8617f54bc4e43e77

For some reason Scientology has always been at odds with the French legal system.  Here is what Wikipedia has to say:

In 1978, L. Ron Hubbard was convicted in absentia by French authorities of engaging in fraud, fined 35,000 French Francs and sentenced to four years in prison. The head of the French Church of Scientology was convicted at the same trial and given a suspended one-year prison sentence.

To read the rest of this interesting article go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientology_in_France

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