Ex-Scientology story #107, “they have very little regard for people.”

True stories of false religion.

Edward Reilly spent almost four years in Scientology, some of it in the Sea Org. He was recruited in Philadelphia then went to NY.  Stories in this series show the systematic abuse of Sea Org members.  Edward has this to say about it.

I was working long hours and getting paid practically nothing and as far as companionship, I had very few friends because most of the people I worked with were reluctant to talk about anything but scientology but only in a positive light. I saw several people leave and route out but you couldn’t talk to them about it . . . Yes,they have very little regard for people who have worked hard and given their lives to scientology, I feel sorry for the people who have given decades of their lives to the COS and have been discarded like criminals and to add insult to injury charged exorbitant amounts of money for benefits they received while being slaves.

To read the rest of his story go here:


More on the Sea Org.


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