Ex-Scientologist story #108, Greedy Cult.

Rose Velasco was a Scientologist twice in her life which of course is unusual since most people that leave would never dream of having anything to do with this dreary group, anyway,  her level of training included Life Repair,2PTS Course, lower level courses.  These were done at Stevens Creek & Los Gatos, she was in the cult for five years.  She had left Scientology in 1976 but came back in 2000 after feeling that her life was not going well.  What a mistake that was.  During the time she was gone the cult had refined their tactics of money grubbing.

I was not doing well in life and thought I should return, my Sister and her Husband have been connected to the church for 30 years. I returned, but it was really different, and I was constantly hit up for money or donations, called on the phone- home and cell for money. Events were a real push, if they got you there you would be hit for more cash, books, the IAS police would really push and intimidate you for a yearly donation, and if you didn’t donate, you would be told by the reg. you could not take your course until you gave to the IAS police, and I don’t even think there is a policy. . .
There is no more ARC for any one if you don’t have money, I am not saying that everyone is like that, I do believe there are people still in there that have good intentions. . . I am very concerned with their motives, you are now being trained to agree to only one way of thinking theirs.

To read the rest of her story go here: http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?87

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