Ex-Scientology story #109, Scientology: “just too much crap.”

True Stories about a Lying Cult.

John Cullison spent ten years in Scientology at University Way / Burien, also Seattle Org.  His level of training included ARC Straightwire, Pro TRs.  At the end of his involvement with the cult he has this to say about Scientology. 

I’m sick of the willingness to drag people way too far into debt for services. I’m tired of buying services and then being coerced into spending it one something else, just so someone can get a stupid stat up. I’m so sick of the focus on statistics as a measure of success instead of the Church having the integrity to get people what it promised in the first place, with statistics as the INDICATOR rather than the PURPOSE. I’m sick of the Church being run by lawyers. I’m tired of being treated like a product instead of a being. I’m done being driven into agreement with bullshit I don’t agree with — ‘or else’. I’m done with being treated like I’m nothing and the group is everything, the only thing that matters. I’m done with stupid course room rules. And I’m especially tired of the insanely poor PR the Church generates for itself.

To read the rest of John’s statement go here: http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?260

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