Ex-Scientologist story #111, Sea Org housing a “dump & a mess.”

True Stories of a Nasty Cult!

Sam Williams took Scientology classes at L.A. ORG. AHSO FDN.  He made the mistake of joining Sea Org. with the usual results.  Those of you who have read other stories of conditions in the Sea Org. know what is coming.  Sam had this to say,

While in the sea org I couldn’t get over how in slaved a body could get day in and day out.  Their weren’t enough time to do much for yourself.  I lived at the Hollywood Inn with my wife at the time on Hollywood Blvd.  The place was in a mess this I believe was in 81 and 82 wow what a dump it was.  We had two girls who were 3 an 6 I really regret leaving them off at a place that was ratty looking too.  I look back at that time and feel ashamed of not taking the control of my life and my kids,I guess we live and learn but not only live and learn but tell others so they want fall into the entrapment of being used and abused. . . I didn’t see the light til I bought me a computer and read the OT levels you know what I didn’t even get sick and die or anyone else did.  What I don’t get is how do they get by with so much wrong doings against good people who speak their mind.   I can only hope this won’t go on forever.

To read the rest of this story follow this link:  http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?90

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