Ex-Scientologist story #112, Scientologists, “understudies in a really shitty play.”

The meter will decide if you go into the salad or not.


Lenny Lopez is yet another happy customer of the infamous Boston Org.  He got interested he says because of his concerns about drugs and by people he knew.

Said it was better than dope. Said it would solve all my problems. Said L Ron Hubbard was a great guy and knew the secrets to the universe.

But once he got his nose through the door he came to a quick, and rather low opinion of the people he observed.

Most of the people appeared to be understudies in a really shitty play. Plus a lot of sado-masochistic role playing stuff going on.

I didn’t. It really sucked. Mid way through the second COMM course I tossed in the towel. Got sick of being hustled for cash every time I walked in the front door. Drugs were definitely a higher step up on the food chain. Fuck ‘NARCONON!’  . . . I think CO$ should be nuked or doused with toxic chemicals. Scientology practices contributed to my sordid sense of humor.

To read the rest of his statement go here. http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?45

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