Ex-Scientologist story #122, Weakness of the OTs

True stories about a false religion

Vernon D. Cain Jr. bought a book from a Scientology mission in Flint, Michigan in 1970.  He says this about how close they shaved him in selling courses; . . . borrowed on all my cards – wrote ‘postulate’ checks – spent my entire college fund – borrowed from all my friends – begged grandmother for a loan and on and on – what a ridiculous cultie I was trying to save my eternal self with the help of my registrar.

Since hearing of the OT powers he would have spent any amount to get them.  I had idealism and hope as a motivator that the Regs used to my demise.  I was filled with hope of all that superpower stuff that OT offered.  I just knew if it was doable I could do it.  I kept on for the next 22 years trying in one form or the other until I asked “Where are the OTs?  Can I meet just one?  I don’t want to refute, I just want to confirm that I can keep going on!  The question no matter how often asked fell on deaf ears.

Eventually he found out the truth about the so-called OTs;  Well when I figured out that there were no OTs with OT Powers, NO OT Team, NO OT Empowered Persons, I wanted out.

Time and again OTs have failed Scientology.  Of what use is it to be an OT if you hide your powers??   I must conclude then that OTs are SPs; they have failed KSW.  To read the rest of his story go here; http://www.lermanet2.com/exit/vernonexit.htm

I found this interesting picket report, again the OTs could have saved the day but they were too busy knitting to be bothered.  This took place at the rundown idle Buffalo org.


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Ex-Scientologist story #121, “Are your cavities filling up?”

Richard DeMille, son of the famous film make Cecil DeMille, was an early convert of L. Ron Hubbard.  This was a period of time when Hubbard, having flown high with his best-seller Dianetics, was now headed back to earth at full speed.  The Big Thetan was having troubles with his first wife, so at one point he ran off to Cuba!  This ugly period in Hubbard’s life is too involved a story to go into detail here but an account of this era can be found in chapter three of Jon Attacks book, A Piece of Blue Sky: Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard Exposed, Follow this link: http://www.xenu.net/archive/books/apobs/bs3-2.htm

So what did he think of Hubbard?  Here is an interesting bit about the huge thetan:  I first saw him in the Shrine Auditorium giving lecture in ’50. I remember someone yelling “Are your cavities filling up?” Hubbard had very bad teeth, he was always having trouble with dentists, which fit in with his engram thing – they were always giving him laughing gas.

As a person DeMille thought this of him:

His history is of people becoming recruits, right-hand men and then out. It is what people don’t understand about this kind of person – the lack of personal attachments. People are there to be used, to serve the user. People don’t have any importance in their own right.

He called from Phoenix in the middle of the night and said, “I miss you, Dick. When are you coming out?” When I finally saw him he had written me off because I had failed to obey.

The time is never wrong for a cultist movement. LRH was the Madame Blavatsky of 1950. Lenin was the LRH of 1917. People present new ideas which are going to change the world and there are a certain number of people willing to believe those ideas. There is never a time which isn’t right.

To read the rest of this statement go here; http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/krasel/books/bfm/interviews/demille.htm

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Ex-Scientologist story #120, Scientologys war on the family.

Astra Woodcraft had the misfortune of being born into Scientology.  In 1986 she was taken to Clearwater, Fl. where her mother joined the paramilitary group the Sea Org.  As usual the Sea Org recruiter lied about the living arrangements.

When we arrived in 1986 to the Sea Organization in Clearwater, myself, my brother, my sister and mother all lived in one motel room for several weeks. Then we were moved into the main living quarters for the Sea Organization members who had young children called the QI (Quality INN) and at this point my dad joined us. Again, we lived in one small motel room. All five of us lived in this room for approximately 3 months, when my brother moved out. From this point on, the four remaining family members lived in this room for about a year, wherein I was moved into a dorm with 4 or 5 other girls. In this dorm, I slept on a couch, as there was no bed for me. I lived there for another year, which was the remainder of our time in Clearwater.

Another thing, if you are a child in Scientology you had better hope it is not something serious.  Get a load of this; When I was growing up in England to the age of seven, my mother would apply the Scientology technology for sicknesses. When I hurt myself, she would make me do a “contact assist” which meant that if I hit my elbow, I had to touch it back to the place where I hit it over and over until it felt better and I wasn’t allowed to stop until it felt better. If I was ill, my mother gave me a “touch assist” where I would lie down and close my eyes and she would touch me with her finger and ask, “feel my finger.” This was also done until I felt better. I never felt better from theses processes but would have to pretend I did because she wouldn’t stop until I said I felt good.

Her mother was later transferred from Clearwater to Los Angeles.  Were conditions any better??  The staff there were on $15 a week pay as they had no money and the food they were given was beans and rice. I tried to refuse to go there but was told again and again I had no choice. Once there, I felt I couldn’t survive on the refried beans and rice we had for every meal, so I took other food that wasn’t supposed to be for us because I was starving. This was considered stealing. This lasted approximately 1 year.

To read more about the world that the great humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard has planned for us read the rest of Astra’s statement here; http://exscn.net/content/view/40/104/

Part one of the Woodcraft family.

And another one with Jenna Miscavige:

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Ex-Scientologist Story #119, Another Case of Disconnection.

Join the Sea Borg Today !!


Paul Simmel was a long-term Scientologist who belonged to the  Evanston, Il. Org.  His problem in Scientology was work related.

In 1980, after approximately two years of unresolved Chaplain-type Justice failures (it is illegal within Scientology to seek recourse outside Scientology’s own justice department, and using the US court systems against a fellow Scientologist is punishable with Expulsion.) Ultimately it cost me my carpentry business because frankly my partner had continued to flow $$$ to the church for further services whereas I had not. I had actually won the case after two years, following Church policy to the letter. But my ex-business partner easily got the declaration overturned when he started spanking the church with $$$ for future services.  From this point on he was subject to  disconnection from family members.  He explains this a bit more.

When a Scientologist feels “Enturbulation”, it’s a sure sign that there is a Suppressive near by. It doesn’t matter if the anger or disappointment one is expressing is justified. It’s that the Scientologist has been “enturbulated”.

The programming is that strong. Brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. It doesn’t matter. If we are not involved with Scientology, we are viewed as inferior beings no matter what our accomplishments are in life, no matter what we can demonstrate with our actions.

To read the rest of this story, http://www.scientologydisconnection.com/disconnections-paulsimmel.html#restarthere

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Ex-Scientologist #118, No Letters From Ron.

The Truth is Out There, but not in Sceintology, sorry.

Shannon Daniel Kealey cites his Scientology qualifications:

Clear 1979, ED Mission of London, Dissem Sec. CoS Kitchener. For those Scientologists who care: Blown staff member 06/80, who knows when the comm ev was held.

He speaks of the great trap; This is the great tenet of Scientology and its apologists: “IT WORKS”. However what they ALWAYS fail to tell you is that SCIENTOLOGY DEFINES HOW YOU WILL KNOW WHETHER IT IS WORKING. Not only does it tell you exactly what to look for, it also tells you the meanings of those terms should you become confused by such terms as “happy”, “sad”, “better”, “ability”, “being”.

As for management by statistics;

I can only recall with embarrassment the number of times I frowned on real business practices when I saw it operating in the real world. I can only shudder in horror how large corporations and governments would operate if they were forced to play the mindless “chart the stats” game that tended to dominate org life – something to be experienced to be believed.

One of the big reasons that he left was when he found out the Hubbard didn’t himself reply to letters.  He had his underlings send replies to the small fry.  Very few indeed were fortunate enough to get a genuine reply from the big thetan himself.

All early scientologists used to believe faithfully that
letters written to LRH were answered by him. Belief in the same fashion as those myths and legends about his background.

This particular belief was shattered one day in Flag, when I had written a letter to Ron in the morning, deposited in the appropriate communications try and then received a reply by the middle of the afternoon. Of course, Ron was out visiting LA at the time, so it was completely impossible for it to be written by him. I presumed that someone in the CMO had written it, and thus all the others that had preceded it.

To read the rest of this story follow this link.


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Ex-Scientologist story #117, “Hubbard and his paranoia.”

Edward Walters met a Scientologist who recruited him by telling him that L. Ron Hubbard, who failed the only course he took in physics while at George Washington University, was a scientist!!

 He told me, you know, what it was, that it was founded by this famous man who was a great man, a nuclear physicist. He discovered the secrets to life, happiness.

He went on to say this about the cult, during the Clearwater Hearing of 1982. 

 Scientology, like everything, is not totally bad. There is some technology that is good. They’re not going to have people like myself who are not complete idiots —  any of your sons or daughters, if they went into the first few courses, I’ll tell you, they would like it. You’re not asked to dress up in fancy robes, you don’t cut your hair, you don’t go singing songs, you don’t go to the airport and illicit donations. In other words, it’s not the appearance of a cult. It appears to be a very technical solution and education on the theory of life, et cetera. The general public is involved in that and they get fleeced for their money.

The staff member who works on the staff, again, is usually more brainwashed, more into working hard for Hubbard. And a lot of them are good, decent people, working very hard for practically no pay, working fourteen, fifteen hours a day, doing the slightest thing wrong and being beaten or thrown in the hold or many other things that — subject to degradation, financial loss, suits, et cetera.  Anyway, they’re just young, decent people who, if they weren’t in Scientology, I believe a lot of them would be in the Peace Corps or something like that.

Then, you have the higher officials of the Church. Some of them are decent people just brainwashed on Scientology and Hubbard. Others are out and out criminals who participated in criminal acts years ago and, I believe, are probably doing it up to this day, and are probably here in Clearwater.

Then, you have the Guardian’s Office, which is a separate outfit, who is — it’s sort of on the outside of Scientology, but it protects Scientology and actually runs it. It’s hard to explain it. The best example, which is very real to me, is like Hitler and the troops, which is the Sea org., then, you have the Gestapo, which is the Guardian’s Office. And fear and the actual running of Scientology is actually from the Guardian’s Office.

The Guardian’s Office ranges anywhere from some young, new individuals who really don’t know very much — some probably don’t even believe that they did break into the federal buildings or any of that stuff; they probably believe I never was in Scientology or whatever they’re told about me — and, then, you have further above them people who are inclined to become criminals and the type of people that would go in the SS in Germany. Then, in the higher-ups of the Guardian’s Office, you have people who, from my experience, turn out to be criminals and people in hatred and fear of citizens throughout the land.

Later he came to his own conclutions about what was going on in Scientology.

I talked to these two people and they told me that they had — they were in the Church of Scientology for a short time, they were at this secret base in the desert where L. Ron Hubbard was hiding out.  They were told to fake names and hold covert operation, which, of course, was to me new. It just stunned me. It was just further proof, as I was starting to see all along, that the insanity and the criminal actions were coming directly from Hubbard and his paranoia.

To read the rest of his story go here:


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Ex-Scientologist story #116, “A Piece of Blue Sky”

Jon Atack is has over the years relentlessly exposed the seamy underbelly of the cult of Scientology and the historical facts about L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the cult.   Wikipedia says this about Jon Atack:

 Atack joined the church at the age of nineteen in 1974, and was based largely in the church’s British headquarters at Saint Hill Manor, near East Grinstead. During his training, he said he progressed to Scientology’s Operating Thetan level 5, completing 24 of the 27 levels of therapy or education.  He left the church in 1983 in disillusionment with the new leadership of David Miscavige, who took over in the early 1980s.  He writes that he saw the new management as tough and ruthless, and objected particularly to the 15-fold increase in training fees. He also objected to being told not to have relationships with so-called “Suppressive Persons,” people the church had declared enemies and who should not be communicated with; one such person was one of Atack’s friends.

In 1990 he wrote A Piece of Blue Sky: Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard Exposed.  This is a classic case of debunking a scam by using facts, records and personal narratives of the people involved.  To read the book go here: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Library/Shelf/atack/bs2-5.htm

He also wrote a damning essay, The Total Freedom Trap:  Scientology, Dianetics And L. Ron Hubbard.  This is well worth the time to read.  The cruelty, lies, deceit, avarice, greed and paranoia of Scientology’s founder as well as its current leaders are exposed.  Follow this link to read it. http://holysmoke.org/cos/books/total-freedom-trap.txt

Scientology tried hard to stop publication of Jon Atack’s book but failed after extensive, and very expensive litigation.  Scientology members might be shocked if they knew of the amount of their donations that were squandered on court cases like this.

Here is part one of a two hour long documentary on Scientology, Jon Atack and others.

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Ex-Scientologist story #115, Public humiliation of staff.

True stories about a False Religion

Mingyiu Gyatso was a Scientologist for an unspecified time during the 1970’s-1980’s.  He took Life ‘Repair’, ‘Purification’ Rundown, Dianetic$, Grade I, various admin courses at FCDC Day/Fdn.  When asked why he joined he said.

No sense of direction or purpose. Uncertainty. You know, normal angst.  Here’s where $cn truly excels. They sell you on perfection and power. You are indoctrinated into believing that the way you are is WRONG and that they, and only they, can pull you out of your psychological/spiritual muck.

He went on staff and as always in these stories he found conditions difficult.  Please note that there is damn little about being “polite” or “nice” in the Sea Org.  Think of it as a circle of dogs trotting around a pole, accomplishing nothing useful,  barking and snapping at each other pausing only now then to sink their teeth into one another’s tail.

1) I worked Day and Fdn. Usually 14 to 16 hours a day getting the ‘stats’ up. As many may know, staff compensation is based upon Org income and FCDC was not experiencing its most profitable era. Consequently, I was forced to live off 10 – 25 dollars a week.

2) Down-stats were routinely ‘handled’ by public humiliation and so-called Tone 40 ‘intention.’ I recall once being taken to the back of the ‘church’ and yelled at by the OES who was a newly-minted OTVII. He berated me with wild-eyed abandon for what seemed like hours. It was horrible and embarrassing.

3) ‘Stats’ were more important than training or processing. I was often pulled off course for an all hands. Especially on Thursdays as the week ended at 2pm on that day.

He then stayed on as a public member being sometimes active, sometimes not.  When he finally did decide to make another stab at the Bridge, it went awry.

Upon my fast track completion of the HSDC, I was routed to the registrar where, over a course of two hours, I was caused to contact EVERYONE I knew for a loan. I could feel the tingling of annoyance transform into a surge of resentment as I summarily alienated everyone I knew. For the sake of getting ME up the fucking bridge, I severed many good relationships.

For the rest of his statement go here. http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?136

Mistreatment of staff and Sea Org members is an integral part of the cult.

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