Ex-Scientologist story #117, “Hubbard and his paranoia.”

Edward Walters met a Scientologist who recruited him by telling him that L. Ron Hubbard, who failed the only course he took in physics while at George Washington University, was a scientist!!

 He told me, you know, what it was, that it was founded by this famous man who was a great man, a nuclear physicist. He discovered the secrets to life, happiness.

He went on to say this about the cult, during the Clearwater Hearing of 1982. 

 Scientology, like everything, is not totally bad. There is some technology that is good. They’re not going to have people like myself who are not complete idiots —  any of your sons or daughters, if they went into the first few courses, I’ll tell you, they would like it. You’re not asked to dress up in fancy robes, you don’t cut your hair, you don’t go singing songs, you don’t go to the airport and illicit donations. In other words, it’s not the appearance of a cult. It appears to be a very technical solution and education on the theory of life, et cetera. The general public is involved in that and they get fleeced for their money.

The staff member who works on the staff, again, is usually more brainwashed, more into working hard for Hubbard. And a lot of them are good, decent people, working very hard for practically no pay, working fourteen, fifteen hours a day, doing the slightest thing wrong and being beaten or thrown in the hold or many other things that — subject to degradation, financial loss, suits, et cetera.  Anyway, they’re just young, decent people who, if they weren’t in Scientology, I believe a lot of them would be in the Peace Corps or something like that.

Then, you have the higher officials of the Church. Some of them are decent people just brainwashed on Scientology and Hubbard. Others are out and out criminals who participated in criminal acts years ago and, I believe, are probably doing it up to this day, and are probably here in Clearwater.

Then, you have the Guardian’s Office, which is a separate outfit, who is — it’s sort of on the outside of Scientology, but it protects Scientology and actually runs it. It’s hard to explain it. The best example, which is very real to me, is like Hitler and the troops, which is the Sea org., then, you have the Gestapo, which is the Guardian’s Office. And fear and the actual running of Scientology is actually from the Guardian’s Office.

The Guardian’s Office ranges anywhere from some young, new individuals who really don’t know very much — some probably don’t even believe that they did break into the federal buildings or any of that stuff; they probably believe I never was in Scientology or whatever they’re told about me — and, then, you have further above them people who are inclined to become criminals and the type of people that would go in the SS in Germany. Then, in the higher-ups of the Guardian’s Office, you have people who, from my experience, turn out to be criminals and people in hatred and fear of citizens throughout the land.

Later he came to his own conclutions about what was going on in Scientology.

I talked to these two people and they told me that they had — they were in the Church of Scientology for a short time, they were at this secret base in the desert where L. Ron Hubbard was hiding out.  They were told to fake names and hold covert operation, which, of course, was to me new. It just stunned me. It was just further proof, as I was starting to see all along, that the insanity and the criminal actions were coming directly from Hubbard and his paranoia.

To read the rest of his story go here:


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