Ex-Scientologist #118, No Letters From Ron.

The Truth is Out There, but not in Sceintology, sorry.

Shannon Daniel Kealey cites his Scientology qualifications:

Clear 1979, ED Mission of London, Dissem Sec. CoS Kitchener. For those Scientologists who care: Blown staff member 06/80, who knows when the comm ev was held.

He speaks of the great trap; This is the great tenet of Scientology and its apologists: “IT WORKS”. However what they ALWAYS fail to tell you is that SCIENTOLOGY DEFINES HOW YOU WILL KNOW WHETHER IT IS WORKING. Not only does it tell you exactly what to look for, it also tells you the meanings of those terms should you become confused by such terms as “happy”, “sad”, “better”, “ability”, “being”.

As for management by statistics;

I can only recall with embarrassment the number of times I frowned on real business practices when I saw it operating in the real world. I can only shudder in horror how large corporations and governments would operate if they were forced to play the mindless “chart the stats” game that tended to dominate org life – something to be experienced to be believed.

One of the big reasons that he left was when he found out the Hubbard didn’t himself reply to letters.  He had his underlings send replies to the small fry.  Very few indeed were fortunate enough to get a genuine reply from the big thetan himself.

All early scientologists used to believe faithfully that
letters written to LRH were answered by him. Belief in the same fashion as those myths and legends about his background.

This particular belief was shattered one day in Flag, when I had written a letter to Ron in the morning, deposited in the appropriate communications try and then received a reply by the middle of the afternoon. Of course, Ron was out visiting LA at the time, so it was completely impossible for it to be written by him. I presumed that someone in the CMO had written it, and thus all the others that had preceded it.

To read the rest of this story follow this link.


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