Ex-Scientologist story #115, Public humiliation of staff.

True stories about a False Religion

Mingyiu Gyatso was a Scientologist for an unspecified time during the 1970’s-1980’s.  He took Life ‘Repair’, ‘Purification’ Rundown, Dianetic$, Grade I, various admin courses at FCDC Day/Fdn.  When asked why he joined he said.

No sense of direction or purpose. Uncertainty. You know, normal angst.  Here’s where $cn truly excels. They sell you on perfection and power. You are indoctrinated into believing that the way you are is WRONG and that they, and only they, can pull you out of your psychological/spiritual muck.

He went on staff and as always in these stories he found conditions difficult.  Please note that there is damn little about being “polite” or “nice” in the Sea Org.  Think of it as a circle of dogs trotting around a pole, accomplishing nothing useful,  barking and snapping at each other pausing only now then to sink their teeth into one another’s tail.

1) I worked Day and Fdn. Usually 14 to 16 hours a day getting the ‘stats’ up. As many may know, staff compensation is based upon Org income and FCDC was not experiencing its most profitable era. Consequently, I was forced to live off 10 – 25 dollars a week.

2) Down-stats were routinely ‘handled’ by public humiliation and so-called Tone 40 ‘intention.’ I recall once being taken to the back of the ‘church’ and yelled at by the OES who was a newly-minted OTVII. He berated me with wild-eyed abandon for what seemed like hours. It was horrible and embarrassing.

3) ‘Stats’ were more important than training or processing. I was often pulled off course for an all hands. Especially on Thursdays as the week ended at 2pm on that day.

He then stayed on as a public member being sometimes active, sometimes not.  When he finally did decide to make another stab at the Bridge, it went awry.

Upon my fast track completion of the HSDC, I was routed to the registrar where, over a course of two hours, I was caused to contact EVERYONE I knew for a loan. I could feel the tingling of annoyance transform into a surge of resentment as I summarily alienated everyone I knew. For the sake of getting ME up the fucking bridge, I severed many good relationships.

For the rest of his statement go here. http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?136

Mistreatment of staff and Sea Org members is an integral part of the cult.

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