Ex-Scientologist Story #119, Another Case of Disconnection.

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Paul Simmel was a long-term Scientologist who belonged to the  Evanston, Il. Org.  His problem in Scientology was work related.

In 1980, after approximately two years of unresolved Chaplain-type Justice failures (it is illegal within Scientology to seek recourse outside Scientology’s own justice department, and using the US court systems against a fellow Scientologist is punishable with Expulsion.) Ultimately it cost me my carpentry business because frankly my partner had continued to flow $$$ to the church for further services whereas I had not. I had actually won the case after two years, following Church policy to the letter. But my ex-business partner easily got the declaration overturned when he started spanking the church with $$$ for future services.  From this point on he was subject to  disconnection from family members.  He explains this a bit more.

When a Scientologist feels “Enturbulation”, it’s a sure sign that there is a Suppressive near by. It doesn’t matter if the anger or disappointment one is expressing is justified. It’s that the Scientologist has been “enturbulated”.

The programming is that strong. Brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers. It doesn’t matter. If we are not involved with Scientology, we are viewed as inferior beings no matter what our accomplishments are in life, no matter what we can demonstrate with our actions.

To read the rest of this story, http://www.scientologydisconnection.com/disconnections-paulsimmel.html#restarthere

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