Ex-Scientologist story #120, Scientologys war on the family.

Astra Woodcraft had the misfortune of being born into Scientology.  In 1986 she was taken to Clearwater, Fl. where her mother joined the paramilitary group the Sea Org.  As usual the Sea Org recruiter lied about the living arrangements.

When we arrived in 1986 to the Sea Organization in Clearwater, myself, my brother, my sister and mother all lived in one motel room for several weeks. Then we were moved into the main living quarters for the Sea Organization members who had young children called the QI (Quality INN) and at this point my dad joined us. Again, we lived in one small motel room. All five of us lived in this room for approximately 3 months, when my brother moved out. From this point on, the four remaining family members lived in this room for about a year, wherein I was moved into a dorm with 4 or 5 other girls. In this dorm, I slept on a couch, as there was no bed for me. I lived there for another year, which was the remainder of our time in Clearwater.

Another thing, if you are a child in Scientology you had better hope it is not something serious.  Get a load of this; When I was growing up in England to the age of seven, my mother would apply the Scientology technology for sicknesses. When I hurt myself, she would make me do a “contact assist” which meant that if I hit my elbow, I had to touch it back to the place where I hit it over and over until it felt better and I wasn’t allowed to stop until it felt better. If I was ill, my mother gave me a “touch assist” where I would lie down and close my eyes and she would touch me with her finger and ask, “feel my finger.” This was also done until I felt better. I never felt better from theses processes but would have to pretend I did because she wouldn’t stop until I said I felt good.

Her mother was later transferred from Clearwater to Los Angeles.  Were conditions any better??  The staff there were on $15 a week pay as they had no money and the food they were given was beans and rice. I tried to refuse to go there but was told again and again I had no choice. Once there, I felt I couldn’t survive on the refried beans and rice we had for every meal, so I took other food that wasn’t supposed to be for us because I was starving. This was considered stealing. This lasted approximately 1 year.

To read more about the world that the great humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard has planned for us read the rest of Astra’s statement here; http://exscn.net/content/view/40/104/

Part one of the Woodcraft family.

And another one with Jenna Miscavige:

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