Ex-Scientologist story #122, Weakness of the OTs

True stories about a false religion

Vernon D. Cain Jr. bought a book from a Scientology mission in Flint, Michigan in 1970.  He says this about how close they shaved him in selling courses; . . . borrowed on all my cards – wrote ‘postulate’ checks – spent my entire college fund – borrowed from all my friends – begged grandmother for a loan and on and on – what a ridiculous cultie I was trying to save my eternal self with the help of my registrar.

Since hearing of the OT powers he would have spent any amount to get them.  I had idealism and hope as a motivator that the Regs used to my demise.  I was filled with hope of all that superpower stuff that OT offered.  I just knew if it was doable I could do it.  I kept on for the next 22 years trying in one form or the other until I asked “Where are the OTs?  Can I meet just one?  I don’t want to refute, I just want to confirm that I can keep going on!  The question no matter how often asked fell on deaf ears.

Eventually he found out the truth about the so-called OTs;  Well when I figured out that there were no OTs with OT Powers, NO OT Team, NO OT Empowered Persons, I wanted out.

Time and again OTs have failed Scientology.  Of what use is it to be an OT if you hide your powers??   I must conclude then that OTs are SPs; they have failed KSW.  To read the rest of his story go here; http://www.lermanet2.com/exit/vernonexit.htm

I found this interesting picket report, again the OTs could have saved the day but they were too busy knitting to be bothered.  This took place at the rundown idle Buffalo org.


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