Ex-Scientologist Story #123, “The Road to Xenu.”

Margery Wakefield suffered from panic attacks, a friend of hers told her about Scientology and how effective it was.

Could Scientology really help me get rid of the panic attacks? “Sure,” Jenny said. “They have an 100% effective psychology of the mind. It’s guaranteed. If it doesn’t work you get your money back. But that has never happened.”

The history of the earth, she explained, was actually millions of years old. There had been ancient civilizations that had come and gone. Scientologists had come to earth about thirty thousand years ago in space ships to try to help this planet, but they had failed. They were now back to complete the job.

Jenny also told me about the Scientology theory of “implanting.” “There is no heaven or hell,” she told me. After you die, your soul separates from your body and it is programmed to return to an “implant station” out in space to be programmed for its next lifetime on earth. All memories of one’s previous life are electronically removed from one’s mind.

These implant stations had been set up millions of years ago by evil forces. The nearest one was on the planet Venus. It was only through Scientology counseling techniques, called “auditing,” that one could escape the deadly implanting cycle.

Margery became a Scientologist, took the infamous Training Routines whereby once free people learned the first steps in becoming Hubbard bots.  Then she  joined the Sea Org. which is the paramilitary group that rules Scientology and skins the public members for every dollar they can get.   Besides the usual terrible living conditions she soon found herself on the way to the RPF, the punishment prison system of the cult.  This was because she dared to report that the supervisors in the Washington DC org were inflating the numbers and falsifying records to make it look like they had more students than they did.

Righteous person that I was, I wrote up a “Knowledge Report,” and sent it off to the Sea Org, reporting my superiors for this crime.

When the Commanding Officer of the Org found out about this, I was promptly assigned to the RPF.

The rules of the RPF had changed. Now I was required to wear a grey rag around my arm, and no one was allowed to talk to me. So I spent my days in silence. I had to clean all the bathrooms over and over again. Then I was given the job of mopping up the basement of the adjoining building, which had flooded.

There were rats in the basement, and the water was a murky, filthy green. I was told they wanted to convert this basement room into a nursery.  The house I was staying in also had rats and I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. It was a humiliating existence.

Eventually she got free of Scientology, go here for the rest of her story; http://www-2.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/Web/People/dst/Library/Shelf/wakefield/testimony-08.html

Margery Wakefield is perhaps better known for her essay, The Road to Xeny, A Narrative Account of Life in Scientology.  This has come to be regarded as one of the classic accounts of the money grubbing  Alien/UFO cult of Scientology.  To read it follow this link. http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Library/Shelf/xenu/

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