Ex-Scientologist story #124, more rice & beans for the Sea Org.

Casey Kelly was part of the Sea Org in 1980, here he is talking to the Clearwater Commision in 1982 about living conditions:

Most of that time I spent in rooms with ten to twelve people in them, regular hotel rooms. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It usually averaged about eight to ten, because I had many different rooms. People would move often.

When I first came on staff here, they had what’s called the men’s dorm. You won’t believe this. We had fifty-four bunks in that room.

MR. LeCHER: In one room?

MR. KELLEY: It wasn’t a hotel room; it was a little bigger than that. It was in the old locker room of the old Jack Heart Hotel. It was downstairs and, obviously, there wasn’t a whole lot of room to move around down there. But it was definitely — it was fifty-four bunks and — I’m trying to remember if we had any vacancies. There was probably forty-eight men living in there at the time, and I lived there for six months. That wasn’t a real pleasant place; it was pretty crowded.

How well was he paid?  He got the usual Sea Org slave wages:

MR. LeCHER: What were you paid?

MR. KELLEY: At that time, when I first came on staff, I was paid $8.60 a week.

MR. LeCHER: Eighty?

MR. KELLEY: Eight bucks

MR. LeCHER: Eight dollars?

MR. KELLEY: Eight-sixty, $8.60. That was for the first — oh, boy, a long time, year and-a-half, until I became a full-fledged staff member and, then, it went up to seventeen-twenty.

The commision members, unframiliar with the greed Scientology and their indiference to the comfort of their staff, are amazed at the rice and beans routine.

MR. KELLEY: That’s what we were already making before David what’s his face was falsely reporting statistics. So well, we didn’t make it. We didn’t come up.  We didn’t make five hundred thousand dollars by the deadline. We went on beans and rice. I remember that was on my birthday, 1978. And I remember it because everybody else was eating beans and rice and I had cake. it was October 13th —

MR. LeCHER: Didn’t that bother you, though, to take in four or five hundred thousand a month and have beans and rice?

MR. KELLEY: That’s a week.

MR. LeCHER: A week? A week, rather. Didn’t that get you to think, you know, “They can at least afford to give me a hamburger or a steak or a lobster,” or something like that?

MR. KELLEY: I wasn’t real pleased with it. But it — and I really felt it was unfair to punish the whole staff because one guy was a little off, you know. I never have believed that you should punish everybody for one person’s messing up.  But you — I was pretty well indoctrinated then. That was when I was new on staff and I wasn’t — I got disenchanted later on. So, this is when I was new and I was still dedicated. I think I ate at McDonald’s that week.

To read more about the slavery of the Sea Org go to the rest of Casey’s statement.


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