Ex-Scientologist story #127, Couldn’t find Hubbard’s “Research.”

Tired of the New Deal or the Square Deal? You need the double deal!!

Mick Wenlock was in Scientology for 12 years, he says:

I was in the SO – I started out as staff in HAPI, went to FOLO UK, went to Flag and the Commodores Staff area. Went to Europe as the Div 6 person at FOLO EU, became A/marketing Aide EU and the D/CO Production Europe and then CO AOSH EU. I ended up in the IMU which is where I left after getting declared.

He tried hard to find the basis of Hubbard’s “scientific” research:

The second biggest was trying to find the original ‘research’ that had been done on Dianetics – I was fascinated by the XDN series in the HCOBs which did provide a glimpse of experimental auditing and C/Sing. I tried to find some evidence of the orignal ‘stuff’ and never could. It was all Hubbard saying ‘what’ he had ‘found’ without ever showing HOW he had found it.

Why did he leave??

Well my take on it would be different from the CofS’s – whe I got back to Scandinavia as he IMU Tour IC in 1989 I went round the orgs and found that they were fractions of their former size, they had been eaten alive by Flag regges and FSMs and SO recruitment. Even Stockholm org. I decided to do something about it and management disagreed with me.

The other pre-final straw was John Nelson getting declared – he was a good friend and a good SO member , I guess over the years it occurred to me that this whole ‘declare’ thing was just total crap.

To read the rest of Mick’s story go here:


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  2. I think Arnie Lerma has a handle on where Hubbard actually found original research on Dianetics

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