Ex-Scientologist story #129, OT lacks body thetans!

Xenu, all hail Xenu, long may the Scientologists kiss his ass.

 Peter Alexander gave more than a million dollars to Scientology during the twenty odd years he spent as a member.  He had reached the upper levels where OTs (operating thetans) are able to perform all manner of marvels.  But there is a catch, first you must locate and remove the spirits of dead aliens that are covering your body like a second skin.  Once you get rid of them,via auditing, you will have your inherent enormous abilities back.  Peter Alexander couldn’t seem to find any, perhaps it was because he was not as nuts as the other Scientologists.

As he progressed to the highest levels of Scientology, Alexander said he was trained to communicate with dead space aliens, called body thetans.

”The fact that I couldn’t find any space aliens started to bother me,” Alexander said in a series of interviews with The Herald. “That kind of broke the bubble.”  Even then, Alexander said it took three years for him to leave Scientology.  He then explained a bit more about the pesky body thetans.


But the process doesn’t stop there. At the higher levels of Scientology, adherents learn they are infested with ”spiritual parasites,” Alexander and other former Scientologists say. To remove them, one must submit to expensive counseling — $20,000 and higher. Scientologists call this level “The Wall of Fire.”

That’s when Alexander first heard the story of Xenu. It goes something like this: 75 million years ago, the intergalactic overlord Xenu brought aliens from different planets to Earth, killed them with a hydrogen bomb and dispersed their bodies into the atmosphere. Their souls now afflict humanity with “disconnected thoughts.”

”The first thing I thought was, this doesn’t really apply to me,” Alexander said. “But then I decided I’m here on this course, I paid a bunch of money, so I’m going to read this stuff and see if it works.”

For a while, it did. From 1993 to 1996, Alexander spent up to three hours a day on ”self auditing,” solo counseling which he said made him feel “like you’re floating on a cloud.”

During these sessions, he tried to communicate with the dead aliens to get them to leave his body. Using the E-meter, Alexander would sit in a room by himself and repeat the story of Xenu over and over in his mind.

He said he was told not to discuss the process with anyone, not even his wife or other Scientologists.

Alexander scoffs at the idea that Scientologists are trying to “Clear” the planet:

”The idea in Scientology is that you can buy your salvation,” Alexander said. “They’re supposed to be clearing the planet, but how many people on the planet have $400,000?”

To read the rest of this story go here, : http://www.holysmoke.org/cos/peter-alexander-no-space-aliens.htm

To see Peter Alexander on YouTube go here. 



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