Ex-Scientology Story #128, OTs die, one from murder.

True stories of a Greedy cult.

Anne Marie Dunning, past EO & HCO Executive Secretary, Church of Scientology, Buffalo, NY.  She became disenchanted about Scientology for a number of reasons, one of them being the familiar refrain that OTs, instead of being shinning beacons of light, were just as human as anyone else.  Nothing made that clearer than the case of Scientologist Jeremy Perkins who killed his OT mother, Elli.  Another OT, Marie Bolt, a close friend of Anne’s died in a car accident.  There were warning signs of this man’s problems but his mother and others continued in their attempt to treat schizophrenia by the usual lame Hubbard methods.  Scientology reviles psychiatrists yet they offer no real help to anyone with mental illness. Anne said:

Jeremy was displaying strange behavior before he stabbed his mother to death. About seven months before he attacked his mother, he was arrested for trespassing at the University at Buffalo. He had been responding to voices that didn’t exist. I remember, Don and Elli went to the hospital and fought with the hospital staff not to have any psychiatric testing done on him.

 The failures of the OTs affected Anne greatly:

Course I don’t know of a member that wasn’t devastated by Elli’s death, she was such a kind person. But then to have Marie die suddenly, so close, well it was horrible. She was OT IV or V, like Elli, it just didn’t make sense. You never heard any failure stories about OT’s, only successes. Here we were all experiencing the failures, yet still expected to believe that OT’s were the most successful beings on the planet.

Her limit with Scientology was reached when the vultures of Scientology circled around trying to lay their hands on the insurance money from the children of her recently deceased friend:

Then someone in the room asked if Chris was sure that she had a life insurance policy. He replied, “No, but if I know Bob, I would think he has a hefty one on her. First I want you to reg the girls to pay for their services, then you can get them to join staff.”

I was dumbfounded. Basically, he was telling us to pressure these girls, who had just tragically lost their mother, of the money they would need to provide for their future. Then he wanted us to get them on staff, where all the services we just extorted them to pay for, would be offered for FREE!

That moment is when I went home and thought to myself, what on earth are these people doing? But I had no idea who to turn to or how to get out of this trap.

For the rest of her statement go here: http://www.buffaloscientologyinfo.com/anne01.html

To find out more about the murder and the relationship between Scientology and psychiatrists go here:

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