Ex-Scientologist story #130, Squalor and roaches for children.

True stories about a greedy cult.

Being born in a family where the parents are Scientologists who work and live as members of the paramilitary group called the “Sea Org” is some of worst luck possible as Zoe Woodcraft found out.  Sea Org members are damnably bad parents.  They work incredibly long hours, live in mean, filthy and run-down quarters and spend almost no time at all with their children.  They are so far gone in being fanatics that they can’t even make sure their kids get nutritious and sufficient amounts of food.  In this case most of the family escaped.  Her big sister Astra and father Lawrence got out, the mother remains a fanatical Hubbard worshiper.  A few of the cases of neglect and child abuse will be listed here, see the full statement for more.

In 1986, when I was two years old, my parents and 15-year-old brother joined the Sea Organization at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida.  My seven-year-old sister and myself were put into the care of the Cadet Organization at this time.  My family and I lived at a building on U.S. Highway 19 called the “QI” which was an acronym for Quality Inn.  This building was once a Quality Inn hotel.  

The room we were assigned to live in was very small, approximately 12’X 20′.  It was one room and one bath; very shabby, infested with cockroaches and smelling of mold.  All five of us were in this room so it was very cramped and nearly unlivable.

The school curriculum was a joke, heavy on Hubbard, light on subjects needed to get by in this world:

Most of what I studied was Scientology materials.  I remember doing the Basic Study Manual when I was six or seven years old and it was very difficult for me.  This is a course geared for adults.  When I did not score well on the final test, the instructor first told me to redo sections of the course and then told me to redo the entire course.  I then had to start all over on this course.  The only other subjects studied were reading and math.

At the ranch there is also a form of punishment called “pigs berthing.”  This is levied against those who had a dirty dorm or dorm area. The punishment varies in different cadet orgs, but in this one offenders had to spend the night in what was called “The big house.”  The big house was an abandoned building with rotting floorboards and broken windows filled with insects, rats and bats.  I clearly recall two girls about nine years old who were forced to spend the night there and in the middle on the night they ran screaming and crying from the building.

This building was in an unsafe area of Los Angeles and I often heard gunshots at night. It was a very frightening place for me to live.  The adult woman who was supposed to be our nanny – there were about eleven girls in my dorm – was missing most of the time.  She didn’t even sleep there and I remember never knowing where she was.  At this time, my mother was again on a mission, this time in Mexico, so I did not see her at all.

 On the EPF we would get so hungry that we would take food from the trays left over by the “public” staying in the hotel room.   When we were working, if we passed these trays in the hall or near the kitchen we would always steal any left over food.  This was a regular occurrence while I was there in 1998 and 1999.

Go here if you want to read more of this sad story.  This is the type of thing that makes Scientologists so odious in the eyes of the world.  These are the people who want to rule the world??


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