Ex-Scientologist story #132, “Scientology preys upon people with good intentions.”

Rich Dunning tells how the hook was set, “In 2001 my life changed forever. My wife, Anne Marie, wanted a career change so she went out and found a new job. After some time, my wife informed me she was working for a Scientologist. One Saturday afternoon, her boss invited us to the local Org to have a look at what Scientology was about. We did all the introductory things that new comers do. We took the free Personality Test, watched various Scientology films and received the free Introductory Dianetics Auditing Session.” This was at the Buffalo org.  Soon after followed the infamous Scientology training routines that like a mental virus start a victim on his way to becoming a Hubbard-Bot. Then Rich went on staff part-time. As usual his pay was misrepresented, when he complained to his superior he was shown Hubbard references stating that HE, Rich Dunning was the cause of the low pay! The spiral down the rabbit hole continued, Rich’s wife joined staff too, part-time, and more and more of their lives centered around Scientology until the group was the most important thing in their lives. Soon strange, sinister words like “ethics,” “Entheta,” “counter intention,” and of course, “disconnection.”  Scientology was, in the end, not strong enough to conquer the hears and minds of this couple, They quit the cult for good and stand ready to help others do the same.  In summing up Rich had this to say, “We are slowly getting our lives back in order and moving on. It has been a hard road though. I started out with a constant fear that Scientologists would appear at my door. Anne Marie did not want to risk the chance of becoming declared a Suppressive Person (SP). However, time, healing and lots of reading, have helped us both to see passed the phobias that were once rooted deep inside of us. Scientology preys upon people with good intentions and hearts, or others who have done something wrong and want to correct it.

To read more about Rich’s experiences in Scientology go here: http://www.xenu-directory.net/critics/dunning1.html

The Dunnings have a web site devoted to telling the truth about the Buffalo Org.  http://www.buffaloscientologyinfo.com/index.html

Fraud and Scientology go together like rum and coke.  

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