Ex-Scientologist story #136, “Scientolgy With(out) An End.”

Hubbard’s bathtub navy.

Tom Voltz joined Scientology in 1975 in Germany, he joined the Sea Org and was transferred to Copenhagen in Denmark.  As we have seen frequently in the personal stories life in the SO was not what it was cracked up to be.

I shared a room with eleven other men, the space for personal things was limited to that under the two bunk beds in half the room, the food was miserable, and the one or two weeks that I had to serve breakfast to the uniformed officers of the Sea Organization was one of my most traumatic experiences.

How, I asked myself, was it that in a revolutionary philosophy an upper-level Scientologist ran around in a military uniform with decorations while he was being served as though he were the emperor of China? I decided to end my stay in Copenhagen. Ten days later I was back in Germany.

For many people this would have been the end of the matter.  But Tom thought that there still was value in Scientology so he persevered in training and became an auditor.  For him being in Scientology appealed to his idealism and also promised personal growth.  He also valued the friendships that he had made.  However, his infatuation lasted only so long.  In 1993 he wrote a letter of resignation, he was done, at least as a member.  He states:

All the experience in the five years before my official resignation revised this fundamental opinion. Systematic failures of the Scientology organization too numerous to count (at the cost of the individual, so that it has to do with the sum of millions and therefore with existence) led to the conclusion that thoughts and actions inherent to the system caused the failed developments. A lack of the ability for internal criticism shattered any attempt for correction. Scientology has always regarded itself as the religion of all religions. It sees itself as the “end point of the quest” for people. Lies, defamation, coerced experiments, the radical uprooting of business relations and similar experiences give rise to the suspicion that an elite group is occupying itself in a Machiavellian manner with the defense of its position and sinecure, while empty goals are set up only as magnets to attract the normal people (and source of income).

Tom Voltz wrote a book, Scientology With(out) An End, the source of the above quotes, about Scientology.  It is detailed, well footnoted, critical analysis of the group that covers a great deal of ground.  Much of it cover WISE, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, which is a tool that management uses in order to funnel money from businesses into the cult.

The main thrust of his writing is that simply put there is no aspect of a member’s life that is beyond the control of Scientology.  In keeping with a practice usually associated with authoritarian regimes, I am thinking of the East German secret police and Stalinist Russia, members are encouraged to spy on each other.  The author says this about reports:

I have already mentioned that Scientologists have a wealth of reasons for writing “reports.” Hubbard once published a list which told the staff member everything he should report on:

Damage report, Mistake report, Waste report, Alteration report, Missing or Theft report, Discovery announcement, Non-Obedience report, Misdemeanor report, Crime report, High Crime report, No Report report, False Report report, False Attestation report, Nuisance report, Job Endangerment report, Technical Alteration report, Knowledge report.

Reports, reports, reports … they accumulate in the “ethics folder” of a person, and the ethics officer will notice whose folder is particularly thick. A staff member, who does not write a report when he should have automatically becomes an accomplice!

The internal control system of Scientology is extremely well defined. Deviant thinking is very quickly discovered. By this means the “church leaders” can quickly “help” those who have gone astray to find their way back to the straight and narrow path.

To read the rest of this book go here: http://www.lermanet.com/cisar/germany/books/swoe06.htm#pt5

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