Ex-Scientologist story #137, “Who is Xenu?”

Dianetics in "Astounding Science Fiction," May 1950. It started with an alien on the magazine cover, it ended with xenu, another alien.


Roland Rashleigh-Berry was in Scientology for about five years.  After leaving he devoted his efforts to exposing the upper level Operating Thetan, “OT” levels.  This did not endear him to Scientology.  Here is an excerpt from a  letter published in 1997 that appeared in the newsgroup Alt. Religion. Scientology: 

I used to be a member of your Scientology *cult*, and I use the word *cult* fully knowing its implications. In my experience, it is a *cult* that exploits peoples weaknesses (detected through unfair “personality tests” and the betrayal of personal secrets that the person is persuaded to reveal through deceit and trickery) in order to mentally and emotionally enslave these people while at the same time gaining control of their finances to the point of that person’s detriment. They lose their mind, their soul and their life to this evil scam called “Scientology”. Its sole purpose is to extract money from people, as per its declared policy. It intends to give nothing in return, except lies as to a better future. 

To read the rest of the letter go here: http://www.skeptictank.org/msgtocos.htm

He went on to write the famous “Xenu flyer” used to hand out at demonstrations.  It is found in Operation Clambake, a comprehensive web site devoted to exposing Scientology.  Who is Xenu?


Is Scientology a scam?  Roland thinks so. 


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