Ex-Scientologist story #139, Asbestos Death Ship, OTs not to worry.

The sinister death ship of Scientology.

Lawrence Woodcraft and his family came from England in 1986 to Clearwater, Florida.  As part of the paramilitary Sea Org they were part of the elite group striving to “clear” the world of destructive forces by using the practices and polices of Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard.  They were promised a nice apartment, instead they we put in a decrepit, miserable single room in a former hotel owned by Scientology.   This was one of the many lies that were handed them by the cult.  This experience has already been told in this series of personal stories by the two daughters of Lawrence Woodcraft, Astra and Zoe.  Links to their statements a provided below.

Lawrence Woodcraft was a naval achitect, after leaving Florida he was called upon by Scientology management to help with the remodeling of their ship the Freewinds.  This vessel is used to give instruction to those taking the upper level courses, the Operating Thetan courses.  These Operating Thetans, refered to as OTs, are supposed to be endowed with all manner of abilities like time travel, going outside of their bodies, talking to spirits, ESP and the like.   Also, they are free from disease.  Cancer?  Not for OTs to worry about.  The subject of disease in important in this story because Woodcraft found that the ship was filled bow to stern with asbestos.  Here is what followed when Woodcraft attempted to warn Scientology leadership about the problem they now had on their hands.

One day Steve and I went into one of the cabins, which were in decrepit condition, and he took a hammer and removed a section of paint from the outer steel wall, as he was curious about the construction. Under the layer of paint I noticed a powdery blue fibrous substance approximately 1 ½” thick between the paint and the steel wall. I told him I thought it was asbestos, which is a hazardous substance, and the fibers must not be allowed to go airborne. . . Back to the Freewinds. I went into the engine room, saw a section where ceiling panels had been removed, and saw a big chunk of blue asbestos hanging down. I went to the Chief Engineer and said there is exposed asbestos in the engine room. He said that it was not asbestos. Here, I did some research. The Freewinds was built in Finland in 1968. On board were the original plans from the shipyard. I went through the plans. Even though the notations were in Finish, I saw the word asbestos over and over. The ship was divided vertically into fire compartments with steel walls that ran the full height of the ship. They were lined both sides with 2-3 inches of blue asbestos. The underside of every deck was lined in asbestos. The outside walls of the ship had been sprayed with asbestos. All the ceiling panels contained asbestos. In short, asbestos was everywhere as was typical of a ship built in the sixties.

No one on the ship knew anything about asbestos, nor did they care. I thought to myself, the Church has been tricked into buying a cruise ship for $11 million that is a total liability, that is so full of lethal asbestos, the only option is to sink it in deep water. If asbestos remains permanently wet it is not dangerous, it is dangerous when dried out and flaking, releasing fibers in the air that are then breathed in. To me this seemed a daunting, enormous problem. How could the church possibly bring their public parishioners to this ship and expose them to such a hazardous substance.

The Scientologist in charge of the renovations of the ship was Bitty Miscaviage.  She, and the others Lawrence was dealing with, simply did not see the danger of the situation.

We had a meeting to discuss the problem of asbestos. Steve Kisacky stated that L. Ron Hubbard doesn’t state in policy that asbestos is dangerous; he only states that fiberglass is dangerous and therefore we are only removing the fiberglass. In fact, the dock next to the Freewinds was piled high with fiberglass that had been removed by Sea Org members. It was explained to me that the ship was being remodeled only according to the written policies and “advices” of L. Ron Hubbard. Since Hubbard had been in the US Navy and had then founded the Sea Org and had run a fleet of ships, he knew everything about ships. If asbestos was dangerous, he would have written this somewhere. Also Hubbard knew everything about cancer. He had written that cancer was caused by the mind and specifically second dynamic aberration (problems with relationships). I was told that people only get sick if they go into “agreement” with being sick. As the ship was going to be filled with “operating thetans” doing the highest level in Scientology nothing was going to make them sick.

Of course Scientologists get sick like everyone else, they also die of cancer.  It is difficult to believe that anyone would be so foolish as to swallow this whopping big lie of Hubbard’s but they did.  Of course this was not the end of the situation, Scientology was forced to do additional work on the ship later on when authorities found out what was going on, but Woodcraft made it clear that there is no real way to remove the asbestos without dismantling the whole ship.  He advises taking the ship to deep water and sinking it.

Some day in the not too distant future there are going to be a lot of dead and dying Scientologists.  Not only among those who took the advanced sucker courses but think about the crew.  Some of those people spend years on that death ship.

Here is an interview with Lawrence Woodcraft by Stacy Brooks:

Astra Woodcraft: https://androvillans.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/ex-scientologist-story-120-scientologys-war-on-the-family/

Zoe Woodcraft: https://androvillans.wordpress.com/2011/05/14/ex-scientologist-story-130-squalor-and-roaches-for-children/

Update: The asbestos death ship is also a slave shiip.  One woman held for 12 years against her will.  There is a secret RPF program on board, three women held prisoner.  To read these shocking stories go here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2068284/Valeska-Paris-claims-Church-Scientology-imprisoned-cruise-ship-12-years.html

Or here: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/11/valeska_paris_scientology_freewinds.php

Scientology big shots had a great time while the slaves toiled below decks:  http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/12/scientology_celebrities_freewinds_tom_cruise_john_travolta_kirstie_alley.php

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  1. keep up the good work , Asbestos is a nasty material that really causes havoc on people. Sadly this disease effects a lot of our older veterans and craftsman. http://www.alphamalism.info/asbestos/

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