Ex-Scientologist story #147, OTs “sick, feeble, dying of cancer, wore thick glasses.”

True stories of a fake religion.


Martin Hunt says in his statement of December, 1997, I was in Scientology for two years in the late 1980s, and took a total of 18 courses to become a supervisor, that is, a teacher of Scientology and a minor executive in the Vancouver organization, the Director of Public Services. I had my “training” at ASHO, the American Saint Hill Organization, and ITO, the International Training Organization, both in the large blue Cedars of Lebanon complex Scientology owns in Los Angeles.

For years and years Scientology has boasted and bragged about the powers of the OTs, these Operating Thetans have, they claim, virtually unlimited power over the physical world.  They can travel in time, speak to the spirits of the dead, go out of their body to perform heroic feats and feats mundane.  Yet Martin Hunt weighed them in the balance and found these thetan powerhouses lacking. 

Scientology is, as I know it to be based on my experience, an empty organization, devoid of spirituality, cold, and utterly ruthless. I was ordered to disconnect from my family, which I refused to do. I was ordered to stay at my post and work through Christmas, which I also refused to do. I began to see that the organization did not live up to its many promises of improvement of people; I myself was not improved, and neither was anyone else I saw in the organization. I asked Scientology’s elite, operating thetans, to show to me some of the powers they claimed to have, and they failed miserably at this small task. Most “OTs”, as they are called, were elderly, sick, feeble, dying of cancer, wore thick glasses, and were unimpressive to me, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Martin left Scientology in the dust and went on to be an energetic anti-Scientologist who was one of the early leaders in the newgroup Alt.Religion.Scientology, ARS.

To read the rest of the story go here:  http://www.xenu-directory.net/accounts/hunt19971229.html

For my take on the value of the OT courses go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPKP86P8Fwc

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Ex-Scientologist story #146, Disconnection from family.


Noooo. Not the Salad !!!

Chris Eisenman, brought into fold age 10 by parents. Audited by father (student auditor) off and on until joined SO age 16. (I was going to Delphi Oregon but it wasn’t working for me) Worked in CMO CW as Treas Sec 85-88. Sent to NYD Org when had first child with wife Edith in 88-90. Held several posts then. Secretly quit Scn 2003 with wife and embarked on 2 year plan (took 2.5) to get the 3 kids out, pay off all debts, sever all Scn org connections and make a new life for ourselves. We successfully departed Florida 2006 in an RV and stayed mobile for almost a year. Parents and brothers still in, they disconnected by letter once (because I was “attacking”) then reconnected without explanation. (supposedly they were ordered to reconnect) -This is from the ex-Scientologist Message Board. 

Chris covered a lot more ground when he posted on Ex-Scientology Kids site.  Here we find the familiar refrain of OTs with no special powers at all. 

Eventually, we ended up living next door to my parents, who were by now both on OT7. Dad had a stroke several years before while auditing on OT5, right during the session. He had trouble using an entire side of his body. He has mostly recovered since then, but it seemed like a red flag to me. Either way, my parents became our self imposed FSMs and were constantly trying to get us up the Bridge.

How low can Scientologists sink when still in the clutches of that evil cult?  How about parents and siblings being used to spy on a family member?  Here we see the inherent paranoia of Scientology bubbling to the top. 

 August 2008 I received a Disconnection Letter from my Parents and brothers. Registered mail, etc.  Jan 2009 receive an email parents want to get back together with us, no explanation offered, we accept.  End of Jan 2009 Parents and twin brother visit the farm, love the place, stay a week, still no explanation as to why they reconnected. Twin brother visits several times with his wife. 
Back in touch with all but Hans. Email pictures and small talk, but I don’t feel safe talking to them. I always have the feeling it’s just getting reported to someone I don’t know, and they aren’t being truthful about how they feel, etc. 
Dec 2009 I am posting on Ex-Scientologist websites and friend all Ex-Scientologists I can find on Facebook.  May/June 2010 All contact with brothers and parents, etc. cease. I find out I have been declared a Suppressive Person due to Marty Rathburn, whom I befriended on Facebook as soon as I found him online. I have never even talked to him, nor do I want to. I just wanted him to know he’s not alone.

Here is a link to the story on the Ex-Scientologist site: http://www.exscientologykids.com/eskforums/viewtopic.php?t=9874

Here is the link to the post on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board;  http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?15173-Greetings-One-and-All

My take on the value of the upper level, OT, courses:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPKP86P8Fwc

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Ex-Scientologist story #145, The Informer Escapes. All Hail Xenu!

True Stories About a False Religion.

Dennis Erlich, who is also known by his nom de guerre, “The Informer,” was in Scientology for 15 years reaching the post of Chief Cramming Officer at FLB, Clearwater, FL.  In 1978 he fell victim to one of the periodic Scientology witch hunts spawned by the extreme paranoia of their founder, L. Ron Hubbard.  Erlich was put into their nasty internal prison system known as the Rehabilitation Project Force or simply the “RPF” -although at first he was put into the lowest grade of the prisoners, the RPF’ers RPF.  All of the systems used by Scientology to break down individuality and force group consensus were put into play.  This included sleep deprivation, poor and inadequate food, sleeping in terrible conditions and being constantly yelled at and humiliated.  Eventually Dennis found his way out of this vile cult and began to strike back at the group that he treated him and his family so badly.  This led to legal battles with Scientology and at one point, a raid on his home to seize his computer hard drives and other records

In the end did Scientology get the best of Dennis Erlich?  I don’t think so.  His battle with the cult brought out far too much damaging information on this nutty and dangerous bunch.  Over the years a number of people were instrumental in shinning the light on the toxic and downright stupid upper level courses, (All Hail Xenu!) that promised so much but delivered nothing at all.   The foolish raid on the house of Dennis Erlich brought yet more attention to the subject, (All Hail Xenu!).  To read the Statement by Dennis Erlich concerning this raid go here:  http://www.xenu-directory.net/documents/erlichd19951116.html

Here is what the Wikipedia had to say about the pertinent case; RTC vs Netcom.


You can see and hear Dennis on YouTube, he spoke at anti-Scientologists at the 1996 protest in Clearwater.

Here is an article from the  St. Petersburg Times – Sunday, November 10 1991,  ‘I still have nightmares’, By Curtis Kruger.  This story concerns the escape of Erlich’s daughters,a sample follows:   For the next several years, she grew up in Clearwater as a loyal Scientologist.  In her early teens, she said, she worked until 10:30 almost every night, including school nights.  She said she didn’t complain when dinner was rice and beans, or when cockroaches scampered across her room.

   Now, eight years have passed since Beth last saw
Clearwater.  She has left the church.

     But the nightmares haven’t stopped.

The rest is here: http://home.snafu.de/tilman/mystory/kids1.txt

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Ex-Scientologist story #144, disconnection & betrayal.


 Joe Keldani in one of the most bitter statements that I have ever read by a former Scientologist states in a letter to OSA Int that “To say you have betrayed me and others is an understatement.”

This letter was written in 2003 and made public in the following year concerns, among other things, his wife divorcing him and his children separated from him by Scientology dictated disconnection. The policy of disconnection, as we have heard in other stories in this series. breaks up families.  Speaking to this issue he says: 

From what I see on the Internet and people I have talked to in Scientology, there are many others in my situation. Even my now estranged wife had admitted to me in private when she was routing out (leaving) about a number of others going through the same enforced breakup. If it only made any sense. The number of times my kids were ill, even critically ill, when in your care and going through this stress. The little care my wife gave them when critically ill, once dropping one of them off in critical condition at a local hospital and not even checked up on her for 11 days. She had never been like that. The amount of crying I heard from my kids while you and your group pushed and enforced the break up of my family is barbaric and criminally unacceptable in any sane society but the base ones. Let alone a group that has as its tenants the aim of helping mankind. No amount of pleading seemed to matter, no one seemed to care and handle the situation. I believe that these acts are insidious, deliberate and evil in comparison to Hitler’s insanity and perhaps even worse, because you put on the guise of applying L. Ron Hubbard’s Technology to salvage mankind. . .

The last Sec Check I received at ASHO 60 some hours of grueling, invalidating, actions have not been finished, as I did not attest. These actions violated tech as written by the founder and were heavy, negative gain. I will not pay for you groping to find some dirt for you to use against me or for being made wrong and attacked for wanting to be with my family. Done at the expense of my case, my money and my family.

Joe then takes a swipe at some other issues.

You promote that all the staff will get Super Power 1st and then the public. The tapes promoting this play endlessly in public waiting rooms. I think you do this to get donations from sympathetic public. What is it, 80 million so far. I think It is a lie. Super Power was researched and given to some staff by LRH 20 years ago, I did some piloting on it my self. He didn’t need the Super Power building then. You could do it out of a warehouse. That building is probably for the public and making money and only the odd staff member will ever get Super Power. . .

North American Orgs and now European Orgs are half or 1/3 or less the size they once were. Indicating a “Wrong Why” is being used in Management Evaluations per the Data Series policies. This 23 year (Statistics) crash has had every chance to be corrected but hasn’t. This could only be caused by a deliberate, enforced “WRONG WHY”.

 Most SO staff at present are under the age of 24 and many in their teens. A staff at Celebrity Center International said 95% of the 250 or so staff there are young kids. He didn’t quite know where the older fellows went. Almost all the staff in HCO(communication, hiring and ethics and justice offices) at Flag, ASHO and AO LA (Advanced Org LA) were when I was there young people. This is in contrast to the late 70’s and thus a major outpoint (not logical; not what one expects to find). Have the grown ups been thrown out because of their failure to accept the misapplication of the Technology or are the innocent young just easier to control and mislead. The internet is littered with dozens perhaps hundreds of old execs and Auditors declared and expelled to the field. . .

The OT 8 Offered at this time is not the one Ron was working on before he left. The one now is perhaps at best a minor part of L12 or maybe a closing section of OT 7. Ron in 1980 wrote a bulletin and said we are ready for the release of all the OT levels including OT 8. Which was much more involved and was to take man through the final wall of fire and out of the trap. Either Ron didn’t make it through that wall of fire or the OT levels have been sabotaged or have been ruined with the out tech. That perhaps explains why reports of all, 1 for 1, OT 8 completions soon after they attest get ill.

To read Joe’s entire statement go here: http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/krasel/Joe_Keldani.html

For a synopsis of it there is one posted on Cult News.com


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Ex-Scientologist story 143, disconnection and fair game policy.

Ron Glazier had been involved with Scientology for 40 years he says in his statement made in 2002.  He had seen some good things, other things not so good.  His main source of discontent was a letter sent to him by his daughter.

My relationship with my family has been harmed because my daughter who is a member of the Scientology movement has sent to me a disconnect letter which is a letter that excommunicates a close family member such as a mother or father from the daughter or son. This breaking up of families is being done to others as well but does not help family relationships, it harms them. 

I did see a lot of good things but also things that were not good such as disconnection and fair game policy. Disconnection policy was applied against me by a family member and there are indications that the retribution policy such as fair game may have recently been used against me. (but todays covert operations are difficult to prove – like operations done a long time ago by the ‘Guardians Office’) . . .

So harmful acts are done in the name of help. ( 180 degree turn around) = destroy all the suppressive persons. when they are not really suppressive in the first place. so causes a lot of trouble as the persons trying to implement the unworkable teachings of Mr Hubbards Suppressive Person destruction policy will not give up. The just do it in secret. (sometimes being found out).

Scientology claims that there is no such thing as “disconnection,” but they are fantastic liars as the stories in this series of personal accounts shows.

To read this statement go here: http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?17

Here is a posting by Ron Glazier talking about the disconnection problem in his family.  http://www.holysmoke.org/cos/family-harmed-by-crime-syndicate.htm

Here are some videos on this subject; some made by the victims themselves.  

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Ex-Scientologist story #142, “broken promises and false dreams.”

There are no OTs in Scientology.

Greg Marlowe, was a member of the Pasadena organization of the Church of Scientology from 9/75 – 2/78.  He got involved due to the usual promises made, ”

I paid approximately $8000 in fees to this group under the pretense that scientology would increase my IQ, memory, and creativity, rid me of all anxieties, cure me of headaches, increase my communication level, etc. These goals were never achieved.

The group operates within a coercive environment, to say the very least. Being young (21) and spiritually seeking, I was attracted by this seemingly innocent group and their heady promises. It was demanded that a great deal of my spare time be spent studying the group’s tenets, or receiving counseling, and I was eventually spending about 35 hours a week with them once I became fully indoctrinated. I was harangued and admonished if I appeared even a few moments late, and was often given menial chores to do as punishment. A supervisor literally screamed at me over the phone when I informed her I would not be coming in once because of illness. We were told repeatedly that we would die a terrible death if we ever left the group.

I was told repeatedly that I must handle or disconnect from my father because he was critical of the group. My association with scientology caused untold strain in my relationship with my family.

I eventually decided to leave because my life was so unhappy within this group. I had given up college to pursue scientology, but discovered nothing but broken promises and false dreams.

I think the phrase “broken promises and false dreams,” sums up what many people get out of Scientology.  Greg Marlowe got off easy in comparison to what has happened to others who unwisely stuck their noses into a Scientology mission or org.  To read his full statement follow this link:


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Ex-Scientologist story #141, “Not one thin dime for Wollersheim.”

Lawrence Dominick Wollersheim, known to Scientologists as “Wolly,” is known for having been in one of the most protracted, savage and brutal lawsuits that ever involved Scientology.  That is saying a lot if you are familiar with the subject of lawsuits and Scientology.  Wikipedia has this to say:

In 1986, a jury awarded Wollersheim $5 million in compensatory damages and $25 million in punitive damages for what jurors called intentional and negligent “infliction of emotional distress.” On appeal this was reduced to $2.5 million. Scientology officials vowed never to pay, and the phrase “not one thin dime for Wollersheim,” was chanted by Scientologists at court hearings. The church challenged the $2.5 million award, but the case was dismissed and Wollersheim was awarded an additional $130,506.71 in attorney’s fees. 

 In their 1991 appeal, the Church of Scientology said that “fair game” was a “core practice of Scientology”, and protected as “religious expression”. This was also stated by Scientology attorneys in the case against Gerry Armstrong in 1984, by religious expert Frank K. Flinn.  After over 20 years, the Church agreed to settle the case and pay an $8.7 million settlement on May 9, 2002.

What is not mentioned here is the fact that the cult only paid after they found out the attorneys representing Wollersheim had some very damning and potentially explosive evidence that they were planning to release.  To the great surprise of everyone they came to court check in hand.  None of this made Larry rich; most or all went for court and attorney fees.  The true cost to Scientology is not known but their attorney fees had to have been even higher than Wollersheims.  Not to mention the beating they took in the press.

This case is too complex to go into great detail here but simply put, Wollersheim was treated brutally when he was a member of the Sea Org; they put him in their internal prison system which caused him great physical and mental stress.  He won the case, he made Scientology look like the villans they really are but the cost to himself was great.

In 1993, he co-founded Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network (FACTNet or F.A.C.T.Net) as an information resource on cults. FACTNet has had legal battles with Scientology.

Here is Larry with Jason Beghe at an anti-Scientology picket.

For the full Wikipedia article go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawrence_Wollersheim

Here is an interesting article on the broader issue of Scientology and the legal system, also from Wikipediahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientology_and_the_legal_system

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