Ex-Scientologist story #146, Disconnection from family.


Noooo. Not the Salad !!!

Chris Eisenman, brought into fold age 10 by parents. Audited by father (student auditor) off and on until joined SO age 16. (I was going to Delphi Oregon but it wasn’t working for me) Worked in CMO CW as Treas Sec 85-88. Sent to NYD Org when had first child with wife Edith in 88-90. Held several posts then. Secretly quit Scn 2003 with wife and embarked on 2 year plan (took 2.5) to get the 3 kids out, pay off all debts, sever all Scn org connections and make a new life for ourselves. We successfully departed Florida 2006 in an RV and stayed mobile for almost a year. Parents and brothers still in, they disconnected by letter once (because I was “attacking”) then reconnected without explanation. (supposedly they were ordered to reconnect) -This is from the ex-Scientologist Message Board. 

Chris covered a lot more ground when he posted on Ex-Scientology Kids site.  Here we find the familiar refrain of OTs with no special powers at all. 

Eventually, we ended up living next door to my parents, who were by now both on OT7. Dad had a stroke several years before while auditing on OT5, right during the session. He had trouble using an entire side of his body. He has mostly recovered since then, but it seemed like a red flag to me. Either way, my parents became our self imposed FSMs and were constantly trying to get us up the Bridge.

How low can Scientologists sink when still in the clutches of that evil cult?  How about parents and siblings being used to spy on a family member?  Here we see the inherent paranoia of Scientology bubbling to the top. 

 August 2008 I received a Disconnection Letter from my Parents and brothers. Registered mail, etc.  Jan 2009 receive an email parents want to get back together with us, no explanation offered, we accept.  End of Jan 2009 Parents and twin brother visit the farm, love the place, stay a week, still no explanation as to why they reconnected. Twin brother visits several times with his wife. 
Back in touch with all but Hans. Email pictures and small talk, but I don’t feel safe talking to them. I always have the feeling it’s just getting reported to someone I don’t know, and they aren’t being truthful about how they feel, etc. 
Dec 2009 I am posting on Ex-Scientologist websites and friend all Ex-Scientologists I can find on Facebook.  May/June 2010 All contact with brothers and parents, etc. cease. I find out I have been declared a Suppressive Person due to Marty Rathburn, whom I befriended on Facebook as soon as I found him online. I have never even talked to him, nor do I want to. I just wanted him to know he’s not alone.

Here is a link to the story on the Ex-Scientologist site: http://www.exscientologykids.com/eskforums/viewtopic.php?t=9874

Here is the link to the post on the Ex-Scientologist Message Board;  http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?15173-Greetings-One-and-All

My take on the value of the upper level, OT, courses:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPKP86P8Fwc

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