Ex-Scientologist story #142, “broken promises and false dreams.”

There are no OTs in Scientology.

Greg Marlowe, was a member of the Pasadena organization of the Church of Scientology from 9/75 – 2/78.  He got involved due to the usual promises made, ”

I paid approximately $8000 in fees to this group under the pretense that scientology would increase my IQ, memory, and creativity, rid me of all anxieties, cure me of headaches, increase my communication level, etc. These goals were never achieved.

The group operates within a coercive environment, to say the very least. Being young (21) and spiritually seeking, I was attracted by this seemingly innocent group and their heady promises. It was demanded that a great deal of my spare time be spent studying the group’s tenets, or receiving counseling, and I was eventually spending about 35 hours a week with them once I became fully indoctrinated. I was harangued and admonished if I appeared even a few moments late, and was often given menial chores to do as punishment. A supervisor literally screamed at me over the phone when I informed her I would not be coming in once because of illness. We were told repeatedly that we would die a terrible death if we ever left the group.

I was told repeatedly that I must handle or disconnect from my father because he was critical of the group. My association with scientology caused untold strain in my relationship with my family.

I eventually decided to leave because my life was so unhappy within this group. I had given up college to pursue scientology, but discovered nothing but broken promises and false dreams.

I think the phrase “broken promises and false dreams,” sums up what many people get out of Scientology.  Greg Marlowe got off easy in comparison to what has happened to others who unwisely stuck their noses into a Scientology mission or org.  To read his full statement follow this link:


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