Ex-Scientologist story 143, disconnection and fair game policy.

Ron Glazier had been involved with Scientology for 40 years he says in his statement made in 2002.  He had seen some good things, other things not so good.  His main source of discontent was a letter sent to him by his daughter.

My relationship with my family has been harmed because my daughter who is a member of the Scientology movement has sent to me a disconnect letter which is a letter that excommunicates a close family member such as a mother or father from the daughter or son. This breaking up of families is being done to others as well but does not help family relationships, it harms them. 

I did see a lot of good things but also things that were not good such as disconnection and fair game policy. Disconnection policy was applied against me by a family member and there are indications that the retribution policy such as fair game may have recently been used against me. (but todays covert operations are difficult to prove – like operations done a long time ago by the ‘Guardians Office’) . . .

So harmful acts are done in the name of help. ( 180 degree turn around) = destroy all the suppressive persons. when they are not really suppressive in the first place. so causes a lot of trouble as the persons trying to implement the unworkable teachings of Mr Hubbards Suppressive Person destruction policy will not give up. The just do it in secret. (sometimes being found out).

Scientology claims that there is no such thing as “disconnection,” but they are fantastic liars as the stories in this series of personal accounts shows.

To read this statement go here: http://alley.ethercat.com/cgi-bin/door/door.cgi?17

Here is a posting by Ron Glazier talking about the disconnection problem in his family.  http://www.holysmoke.org/cos/family-harmed-by-crime-syndicate.htm

Here are some videos on this subject; some made by the victims themselves.  

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