Ex-Scientologist story #144, disconnection & betrayal.


 Joe Keldani in one of the most bitter statements that I have ever read by a former Scientologist states in a letter to OSA Int that “To say you have betrayed me and others is an understatement.”

This letter was written in 2003 and made public in the following year concerns, among other things, his wife divorcing him and his children separated from him by Scientology dictated disconnection. The policy of disconnection, as we have heard in other stories in this series. breaks up families.  Speaking to this issue he says: 

From what I see on the Internet and people I have talked to in Scientology, there are many others in my situation. Even my now estranged wife had admitted to me in private when she was routing out (leaving) about a number of others going through the same enforced breakup. If it only made any sense. The number of times my kids were ill, even critically ill, when in your care and going through this stress. The little care my wife gave them when critically ill, once dropping one of them off in critical condition at a local hospital and not even checked up on her for 11 days. She had never been like that. The amount of crying I heard from my kids while you and your group pushed and enforced the break up of my family is barbaric and criminally unacceptable in any sane society but the base ones. Let alone a group that has as its tenants the aim of helping mankind. No amount of pleading seemed to matter, no one seemed to care and handle the situation. I believe that these acts are insidious, deliberate and evil in comparison to Hitler’s insanity and perhaps even worse, because you put on the guise of applying L. Ron Hubbard’s Technology to salvage mankind. . .

The last Sec Check I received at ASHO 60 some hours of grueling, invalidating, actions have not been finished, as I did not attest. These actions violated tech as written by the founder and were heavy, negative gain. I will not pay for you groping to find some dirt for you to use against me or for being made wrong and attacked for wanting to be with my family. Done at the expense of my case, my money and my family.

Joe then takes a swipe at some other issues.

You promote that all the staff will get Super Power 1st and then the public. The tapes promoting this play endlessly in public waiting rooms. I think you do this to get donations from sympathetic public. What is it, 80 million so far. I think It is a lie. Super Power was researched and given to some staff by LRH 20 years ago, I did some piloting on it my self. He didn’t need the Super Power building then. You could do it out of a warehouse. That building is probably for the public and making money and only the odd staff member will ever get Super Power. . .

North American Orgs and now European Orgs are half or 1/3 or less the size they once were. Indicating a “Wrong Why” is being used in Management Evaluations per the Data Series policies. This 23 year (Statistics) crash has had every chance to be corrected but hasn’t. This could only be caused by a deliberate, enforced “WRONG WHY”.

 Most SO staff at present are under the age of 24 and many in their teens. A staff at Celebrity Center International said 95% of the 250 or so staff there are young kids. He didn’t quite know where the older fellows went. Almost all the staff in HCO(communication, hiring and ethics and justice offices) at Flag, ASHO and AO LA (Advanced Org LA) were when I was there young people. This is in contrast to the late 70’s and thus a major outpoint (not logical; not what one expects to find). Have the grown ups been thrown out because of their failure to accept the misapplication of the Technology or are the innocent young just easier to control and mislead. The internet is littered with dozens perhaps hundreds of old execs and Auditors declared and expelled to the field. . .

The OT 8 Offered at this time is not the one Ron was working on before he left. The one now is perhaps at best a minor part of L12 or maybe a closing section of OT 7. Ron in 1980 wrote a bulletin and said we are ready for the release of all the OT levels including OT 8. Which was much more involved and was to take man through the final wall of fire and out of the trap. Either Ron didn’t make it through that wall of fire or the OT levels have been sabotaged or have been ruined with the out tech. That perhaps explains why reports of all, 1 for 1, OT 8 completions soon after they attest get ill.

To read Joe’s entire statement go here: http://www.xenu-directory.net/mirrors/www.whyaretheydead.net/krasel/Joe_Keldani.html

For a synopsis of it there is one posted on Cult News.com


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