Ex-Scientologist story #145, The Informer Escapes. All Hail Xenu!

True Stories About a False Religion.

Dennis Erlich, who is also known by his nom de guerre, “The Informer,” was in Scientology for 15 years reaching the post of Chief Cramming Officer at FLB, Clearwater, FL.  In 1978 he fell victim to one of the periodic Scientology witch hunts spawned by the extreme paranoia of their founder, L. Ron Hubbard.  Erlich was put into their nasty internal prison system known as the Rehabilitation Project Force or simply the “RPF” -although at first he was put into the lowest grade of the prisoners, the RPF’ers RPF.  All of the systems used by Scientology to break down individuality and force group consensus were put into play.  This included sleep deprivation, poor and inadequate food, sleeping in terrible conditions and being constantly yelled at and humiliated.  Eventually Dennis found his way out of this vile cult and began to strike back at the group that he treated him and his family so badly.  This led to legal battles with Scientology and at one point, a raid on his home to seize his computer hard drives and other records

In the end did Scientology get the best of Dennis Erlich?  I don’t think so.  His battle with the cult brought out far too much damaging information on this nutty and dangerous bunch.  Over the years a number of people were instrumental in shinning the light on the toxic and downright stupid upper level courses, (All Hail Xenu!) that promised so much but delivered nothing at all.   The foolish raid on the house of Dennis Erlich brought yet more attention to the subject, (All Hail Xenu!).  To read the Statement by Dennis Erlich concerning this raid go here:  http://www.xenu-directory.net/documents/erlichd19951116.html

Here is what the Wikipedia had to say about the pertinent case; RTC vs Netcom.


You can see and hear Dennis on YouTube, he spoke at anti-Scientologists at the 1996 protest in Clearwater.

Here is an article from the  St. Petersburg Times – Sunday, November 10 1991,  ‘I still have nightmares’, By Curtis Kruger.  This story concerns the escape of Erlich’s daughters,a sample follows:   For the next several years, she grew up in Clearwater as a loyal Scientologist.  In her early teens, she said, she worked until 10:30 almost every night, including school nights.  She said she didn’t complain when dinner was rice and beans, or when cockroaches scampered across her room.

   Now, eight years have passed since Beth last saw
Clearwater.  She has left the church.

     But the nightmares haven’t stopped.

The rest is here: http://home.snafu.de/tilman/mystory/kids1.txt

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