Ex-Scientolgist Story #151, Hubbard: “crazy man’s delusions.”

True Stories about a False Religion.

Holly Carlson’s statement wastes few words.

I was a 17-year-old kid in the Buffalo NY area when old friends of my family came through on their way back from St. Hill and recruited us into scientology. I immediately began working for the local franchise under John Imburgia (#2 Clear, who claims he was really #1) and Peter Imburgia. I stayed there about 3 years when all manner of abuses were going on and eventually, I decided I needed to join the sea org where things were more “on source.”

I went to L.A. and joined at USLO July 1, 1971, did my basics on the Bolivar, and spent the next couple years in data and programs bureaus as SO programs chief. I was then promoted to CO WUS, did four months’ training and apprenticing on the ship in the Canary’s (including enjoying the infamous “Rock Festival” and 10-day sail across to Bermuda and Bahamas), and assumed my position in PAC around early December 1974. I did that for three years before I was transferred to Flag with my husband, Carl Carlson where he began Tech Sec FSO, and I went to work under Jon Horwich in the Action Bureau as one of his mission ops.

Along the way, I did numerous missions, including another garrison to WUS, a two-month observation mission in South Africa, and one to reestablish the flag programs bureau and others. . . Other positions I held were evaluator, and then personal secretary for evaluation and execution unit (PSEE), and CO FLB, and Africa programs chief, along with two separate RPF assignments.

If she survived two separate trips to the RPF, Hubbard’s nasty penal system, you know then that she was a true believer.  Not to worry, Scientology is so paranoid and deluded that they will drive even devoted members out of the door.  That is the type of crazy outfit it is.  Holly eventually could stand it no longer.

. . . abuses of good people, abuses of my family, screwball alterations in “the tech,” the mission network debacle, I departed with my kids on Halloween of 1982. Sometime within my first year out, I connected the dots that everything nuts about the sea org and all my experiences were borne out of a crazy man’s delusions of grandeur and paranoia as was everything in the whole of scientology itself.

The rest of her statement can be found here; http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?15709-To-introduce-myself-properly

The abuse in the Sea Org continues to this day.  

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