Ex-Scientologist story #148, Hubbard’s slaves and convicts.

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For Susanne Elleby the RPF was a world of informers, censorship, control, and mental breakdown. She felt like a convict.

Susanne Elleby had joined the peculiar ‘monastic order’ of Scientology, the Sea Organisation, because she wanted to fight for a world “without crime, without war and without insanity”–as the movement promised.

And she was in love. The 20-year-old girl from Randers had met a German Scientologist, who was one of the ‘fanatical’ people in the core of the group, and she married him and signed a billion year contract with the Sea Org in order to be with him.

She regretted both actions in time.  But now that she was in the SO how could she get out?  She had heard stories about Scientology going after people who simply just left.  There was also the question of her “Freeloader” bill.  This is a charge for Scientology services that were free to staff but charged full price if they left.  This “Freeloader” bill was just another weapon in the cult’s arsenal of intimidation.  No matter how much you were abused, or the length of the days you worked, or how bad the food was.  No matter if you were treated worse than a slave, Scientology expected you to pay for the services.  That is the wonderful world of L. Ron Hubbard.  But the woman in this story hit upon a cunning plan.  She would make them throw her out.  Beach her in other words.  That way she would escape this debt.  It was a good idea but she didn’t think about the RPF, (Rehabilitation Project Force) the nasty prison system within Scientology.

Susanne felt a lot of pressure from the first moment on the RPF in Copenhagen. She says that she was forced to admit to numerous “crimes”.

“They kept repeating that I could only move forward if I confessed my crimes. Three days went on like this and then I was mentally broken. I started doubting everything and felt I was a terrible human being, because I had erred. In the end I was like a marionette. I did everything they told me to,” Susanne Elleby recounts.

Susanne Elleby is one of the only former members of Scientology who got all of her personal files out with her. She can therefore display hundreds of intelligence reports, records and declarations – and it gives an interesting insight into the everyday life of the RPF.

There are long lists of assignments and practices that Susanne should complete. Every time followed by a “flunk” mark or a “success story”, in which Susanne would write that the course she had just gone through was “fantastic”. There are many notifications of jobs well done – but also knowledge reports from other PRF’ers of different offences she had committed.

Maybe Susanne had thrown out her food in the wrong garbage can, or she had stolen a cigarette, or she had forgotten to take her vitamins, or she had overslept, been grumpy – or spent too much time in the bathroom.

“We were told that we could help our friends by turning them in, but in reality people turned each other in because they wanted to look good in front of management, so they would not be punished themselves. The system builds a ‘web’ around each person, so you cannot do anything without it being reported immediately,”

On November 1st 1990 Susanne got into serious trouble when three books were found in her bag. It was two love-stories that Susanne had read numerous times, and a songbook from when she was a girl scout. She had kept them because she needed memories from the world outside, she says today.

Eventually she escaped and was well rid of her husband and Scientology.  There are many such stories about the world Hubbard wants for the rest of us.  All of the should serve as a caution to others about getting involved with this dismal bunch.

To read the rest of this story go here: http://www.xenu-directory.net/news/collignon-rpf2.htm

Scientology has grown rich on slave labor; this continues day after day. 

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